The more fragrant tea:

1. Pu-erh tea:
Every taste is classified as Pu-erh, but if you want to store old tea, you must first choose the tea with good internal quality and high maturity, so that it can stand the test of time. When you store Pu-erh tea, you must also pay attention to it. In an environment with moderate humidity and temperature, avoid placing debris together, otherwise it will easily absorb the odor of debris, thereby destroying the flavor and fragrance of tea.

2. Dark tea:
The darker and more fragrant Dark tea has been recognized by those who love old tea. Keeping the environment ventilated and dry is one of the most important procedures for storing Dark tea. Because Dark tea is a deeply fermented tea, It is also necessary to accelerate the aging of the humidity, but the temperature of the humidity should be controlled well. If you accidentally cause the tea to be moldy and white hair due to the humidity and the time is too long, you should take out the ventilated dry place in time or else you can turn on the dehumidifier.
3. Oolong tea:
The tea representative of Oolong Tea is Tieguanyin. Baking the Tieguanyin tea every two years feels great after drinking it. It also has certain medicinal value. Picky eating, drinking a little bit of aged Tieguanyin tea will increase appetite.

In fact, no matter what kind of tea, as long as it is stored properly, its taste will appear old without mildew and deterioration!

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