After Panic Attack Feel Drained: Exhausted and Tired after Panic Attack - Getting Through an Anxiety Attack

Living through an anxiety disorder can be horrifying! Anxiety, complete with its panic attacks, can be so overwhelming the sufferer doesn't know where to turn because he or she thinks no one can possibly understand what he or she is going through. The sufferer even feels the family doctor would not understand.

Most people will try to hide their case of anxiety disorder from everyone they know. This happens because people don't realize they are experiencing a disorder that is relatively common. Therefore, they think nobody will understand their anxiety and may actually believe they are somehow weak because their nerves have gotten the better of them.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Anxiety Can and Has Been Overcome Many Times

It is important the anxiety sufferer understand anxiety disorder, with its awful spells of panic is not an unusual disease. Many people have experienced it and in every case, it is considered a condition that can be beaten.

In winning the battle with anxiety disorder the first step requires resisting the temptation to fight the feelings it brings on. Fighting only intensifies anxiety and panic. While fighting makes anxiety worse, giving in to it to helps keep it under control. This is because adrenaline pumps through an anxiety sufferer's bloodstream and this adrenaline brings about uncomfortable feelings. When we fight these unwanted feelings we cause more adrenaline to enter our bloodstream, and so a fear - adrenaline - fear cycle ensues.

The counterpart to fighting anxiety is running away from it. This doesn't work either. Trying to ignore your symptoms or pretend they are not there is akin to running away from them. Trying to fight anxiety or running away from it will make more adrenaline flow and therefore cause more and more of these disquieting feelings.

Acceptance is The Key

Not running away or fighting the symptoms of anxiety means you are fulling realizing these symptoms are occurring. So, to realize they are happening, studying the feelings anxiety and panic brings on is helpful because this is the opposite of fighting or running away. When we don't fight anxiety and we don't run away from it, we will not be adding any adrenaline to our bloodstreams. Therefore, we will not be manufacturing more frightful feelings anxiety is known for bringing on.

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Just make sure you know you are dealing with anxiety disorder. In other words, if a symptom such as chest pains is what you are experiencing, go to a medical facility to make sure it is an anxiety problem and not a heart problem you are having. Once assured your heart is good, you can go ahead and deal with the anxiety disorder.

Letting Anxiety Die

In conclusion, when an panic suffer learns how to prevent making the panic more intense, he or she is in recovery. The recovery won't come overnight. However, the anxiety and panic will quickly lessen in severity because without additional fear of anxiety's symptoms, adrenaline flow will be dying down instead of flaring up.

The bottom line is, the key to recovering from anxiety using natural means is learning how to accept the strange and unwanted; even sometimes tormenting feelings anxiety brings about.. The importance of not fighting or running away from panic and anxiety cannot be overstated. This acceptance is a necessary part of beating an anxiety disorder. Then, you must also let occasional attacks come back as they will and receive them as passively as you can. Realize you cannot control these symptoms and the anxiety disorder will die of natural causes.

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When I look at my past and my 6 year battle with health anxiety, I realize that,any people were very misinformed when it came to what anxiety really is. I used to be told to breath, or to take some time for myself, but the truth is taking time for myself was one of my biggest fears in life at the time due to what may happen if my health anxiety got out of control. I fear the worst always, my body zaps were a sign of cancer, my heart palpitations were a sign that a hearth attack was on its way.

The Cycle Of Chronic Health Related Anxiety Is Debilitating

As I have now naturally overcome chronic health anxiety, what I really needed to hear back then was not to go see a doctor or a therapist. It was simply to follow 6 steps to live by, and implement then on a daily basis. These 6 steps have been the key to overcoming my health anxiety in the shortest amount of time an they are:

1) Complete Acceptance - Accepting that what I was going through was related to my health anxiety and nothing more.

2) Becoming Knowledgeable - Read up on health anxiety, listen to audios from peoplechronic health anxiety who have stopped their own health anxiety issues etc. Become an expert on the subject, this way your confidence grows and this is key.

3) Building On Facts - Build on the facts of the past, that these symptoms of anxiety you continue to experience daily has never harmed you, or will they hurt you in the future. Put up motes around your bathroom, your fridge, put pictures up of the joy you had when you left the emergence room un-scaved after a panic attack.

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4) Take Action - Stepping out of your comfort zone for a health related anxiety sufferer is like parachuting out of an airplane, I get it. It's totally scary and completely foreign. But the truth is if you're going to stop you health anxiety naturally it's time to step into some of your fears in a gradual way, and begin to implement these strategies on a daily basis.

5) Accept Setbacks - before you embark on your natural path to stopping your health related anxiety, you need to completely understand that setbacks in the form of new physical symptoms of anxiety, as well as debilitating and constant fearful thoughts are inevitable. Look at them as a sign that your anxiety is on its heels, and that you're headed in the right direction.

6) Patience - Finally, you need to develop patience. There is no set time of when your anxiety will end, when you'll be able to ignore those lingering symptoms of anxiety, or when you'll be able to easily move through those scary and fearful thoughts. Some people recover from chronic health anxiety faster then others, this may or may not be you. The point here is that you can't set a time limit on when you MUST recover, or else you'll give up. Have patience, put yourself in a constant state of learning and applying. Confidence over your health anxiety is the key to ending the debilitating problem.

So there you have it, your very own guide to to stopping your anxiety naturally. Begin understanding these 6 critical steps today, and soon your life won't be the way it was, it will be much much better then that.

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Fifteen years after my father left my mom and me and took off, I started to rebuild my relationship with him. There were many questions that I asked but one stood out more than any other and that was "Why were you so hard on me in my tennis training but nothing else?" He really couldn't answer that, and I felt some shame in his body language after I asked him that. I believe if he could go back in time he would redo certain things that affected his relationship with me and my mother, but although he made my life a living hell I had to forgive him, in the end he was my father and he did apologize for the way he was even though he didn't give me a deeper reason as to why.

Even at the age of 32 I was a little bit unsure about how I was going to approach my father with all these questions, I wasn't sure how he would react because I knew if I had confronted him back in my high school days about his treatment towards me I would have gotten a scary earful or worse. An unbelievable sense of relief came over me after our chat, the kind of relief you feel when you accomplish a long-term goal.

I used to nickname my father "the beast" because he was very much like a scary beast during my childhood. If anyone asked about my father I told him or her to refer to him as just "the beast." Crazy, over the top tennis fathers can be pretty common in tennis and it wasn't surprising to see two fathers going at each other in a crazy verbal battle in junior tournaments across North America. Many of those professional players who had father issues over tennis never got a chance to "start over" with them, but I was glad I did.

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The worst feeling is having something lingering inside of you that you just have to get an answer for. After our chat, we started to bond again and he would tell me how life was in the country of Turkey, no one loved their country as much as my father did, and with how the country was excelling in so many ways combined with the beauties of it I couldn't blame him.

It pains me to see other people now suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression because I know what they are going through. It may have first started for many because of the pressure to "fit in," or the feeling in your body that felt odd, or scary, or a recurring traumatic event that becomes difficult to forget.

To those people I say that you can grow stronger from this pain if you don't let it completely destroy you, I am living proof to everyone in this world that the true way to success through an anxiety disorder or a sport you love truly, is to always try just one more time because the past cannot hurt you anymore, unless you let it.

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It can be hard to stop panic attacks in general, but it can be even harder to specifically stop them while you're driving.

Let me rephrase that: it can be hard to stop the fear of having a panic attack while driving. That's an important difference to point out.

Thankfully, very few people have a panic attack while they're driving, and if they do, they usually know well in advance that the attack is coming and they are able to safely pull over first.

So rather than trying to stop panic attacks while driving, what you really want is to stop the fear of having a panic attack while driving.

And I've got a technique that you probably haven't come across before, and it works for almost everyone who tries it.

All you have to do is get a little dictaphone or digital voice recorder, and record a handful of messages that you can replay to yourself anytime you're in the car and a panic attack feels imminent.

Learn How I Used 3 Simple Techniques To Stop Panic & Anxiety Attacks

When you first hear this idea, it might seem too simplistic to work, but I promise you, it can be highly effective. And if there's even a small chance this could solve your fear of driving due to your anxiety, isn't it worth a shot?

The key to this technique working is the messages themselves.

Make them reassuring. Make the sentences short. Make your voice soft and calm.

Phrases that work great are: "This feeling will pass," "Real attacks are obvious and this isn't one," "Breathe deeply and the panic will pass," and so on.

You'll know what will work best for you.

Don't try to the voice recorder or dictaphone in the car. Instead, put your recordings onto a CD and have it ready to play for any time you feel increased anxiety.

Then all you have to do is hit the play button on your car CD player and be calmed down by yourself!

This is one of the best ways to stop panic attacks and the fear of them while driving.

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