How do you rebound after an affair? If one holds onto grudges, it is hard to look at your spouse the same way. Recovering from an affair can be devastating. If a husband or wife has neglected their spouse and the spouse then wants to look elsewhere for love, cheating is not the answer. It is better to tell your spouse how you feel and hopefully they will improve their communication with you and the cheating will end. If it does not, going to a qualified marital counselor may be your only option to save your marriage.

Marriage counselors have done research clearly showing that this issue is more hurtful than some very severe happenings in life such as rape, incest, physical, or sexual abuse. The anguish one must feel when they are the victim of the cheating must be unbearable. Getting support is crucial to get through the pain. Talk to a good friend and a counselor to get advice about what to do and how to deal with the pain.

There are steps for grieving a loss such as anger, denial, guilt, depression, and finally acceptance. You can do this with or without the spouse who cheated on you. It is your choice on whether or not it is safe and healthy to save the marriage when it seems they are doing everything to destroy it. Make sure you surround yourself with supportive people in your life and not ones who knock you down. Life is too short for that.

Since half of all marriages end in divorce and it seems that half of them also have infidelity at some time in the marriage's life. This is such a sad fact to consider. More love and attention should be given to one's spouse, communication, and what it takes to make a marriage thrive. It is advised that the husband and wife go on a date night once a week to keep the marriage thriving. Many couples get too busy to do this and then see the negative results because of it.

When one is around someone they find attractive who is not their spouse, they should stay away from that person as much as possible if they want their marriage to be saved. The temptation just gets greater with every second two people are together who are not married, but one of them is married to someone else. Avoid this at all costs.

It may be very hard to forgive and move on, but it is very important to do this to recover. Without forgiveness, there is no release of hard feelings. Without release, there is no healing.

Recovering after an affair can be easier when you surround yourself with support and love around you to get through the hard times.

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