Businesses require a feature rich, powerful and high functionality business phone system that ensures that the business communication is performed with ease. In today’s era of technology the business phone has made the life at work much simpler that too in an affordable way.

Get to know what features you get in your business phone:
• Interactive Voice Response
• Automatic Call Detection
• Call forwarding
• Call routing
• Call transfer
• Find me/follow me
• Unified communication
• Voicemail
• Fax to mail
• Music-on-hold
• Auto attendant
• Unlimited Extensions

These are business phone features that advance your phone system being used for business communication. You get high security and high quality experience at the workplace. With auto-attendant feature, you will not be required to have a receptionist. It is a helpful feature as not every organization can afford to have a receptionist in the office due to cost constraints. Voicemail feature allows you to receive the message in case you do not attend the call for any reason. You can transfer the call to any intended extension at just a press of button with call transfer feature. Fax to mail helps to send and receive faxes from anytime and anywhere, anytime from any computer. There are many more features to such phone system to simplify the communication. To enjoy these features all you need is an internet connection.

Cheap business phones for small and medium size organizations
The business phones are quite affordable. Any small and budding enterprise can easily buy these phone systems without actually investing a huge amount investment. There are many service provides who host the PBX phone system. The companies can use the phones on rental basis. Using hosted PBX system, you will get everything ready from the service provider’s side. The service provider will install, configure and maintain the system. You do not need to buy or install any hardware and software. The whole PBX system resides at the provider’s site. All you need is just internet connection and IP Phone to use the services.

In every business, large amount of money is spent on the phone. Small or medium or large business, every business needs an advanced phone system that proves them beneficial in terms of cost, features and infrastructure also. Large size enterprises can afford to use that highly expensive and feature rich phone system but when it comes to small and budding businesses, they cannot afford that costly phone system. There are cost constraints in small businesses. They cannot afford to have expensive phone systems.

What Business phone can offer your business for improved and enhanced communication?
• It facilitates Call Management features to project a professional the image of business.
• It allows you remain connected to your clients and customers.
• It eliminates the requirement of installing the hardware/software at your premises.
• It is easily managed and operated without any hassles by simply accessing the internet and IP phone which are the only requirements.
• It increases the telephony efficiency.
• It makes use VoIP technology making use of the internet to transfer the voice into digital form along with other data over the same network.
• It facilitates the SMBs calling solutions at nominal cost with scintillating features fulfilling their telephony needs.

So just subscribe to a reliable hosted PBX provider and take your business to next level with advanced, feature rich and cost effective business phone system.

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Technology specialist at ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a pioneer in providing Hosted PBX that deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system, Virtual PBX and more. Their enterprise class PBX VOIP services include top notch features like Unified Communication.