I have to say that affirmations are a personal favorite manifesting tool. Once you start to use affirmations, you realize just how easy they are, and what an affect they can have on your life.

An affirmation is simply a positive statement. You can create an affirmation about just about anything -- from your relationships, career, money/abundance, home, creativity, success and any other issue you could imagine. We all have different desires and your affirmations are certainly going to be different from someone else's.

But most importantly, affirmations are not just about achieving your intentions.

Affirmations can be about changing the negative beliefs that have stood in the way of your being able to manifest your heart's desire for so long. If there is something that you have longed to manifest and you are having trouble creating it, using an affirmation to help change your beliefs can have a powerful effect. We talk to ourselves in so many ways. Just think of how many things others have said to us that we "carry" around with us: our parents, friends, coworkers and teachers. These things they have said have shaped how we react to the world around us. By changing these beliefs, we have the power to change our reaction to the world around us and change what the world gives us. It is an amazing, mind-blowing thought for many.

Just think if your teachers always said "you are not good in math" then you probably have thought that math was not a good subject for you. You also have probably not given it a lot of energy. By creating an affirmation "I have strong mathematical ability" you can open a deeper awareness to your own potential to do mathematical problems. You probably aren't as challenged in math as you think you are, but by thinking you are, you make it much more difficult than it could be. Using an affirmation helps to change this belief.

They say that it takes twenty-one days for a habit to become part of your life. So saying your affirmations on a regular basis can only benefit you. There is no hard and fast rule about saying them for twenty-one days. You may find some of them you need to say for much longer periods and others you need to say for shorter periods. Say an affirmation for as long as you feel you need to. It is best to say an affirmation several times in one sitting and to say it several times each day. This helps it to truly sink into your conscious, subconscious and every level.

All affirmations need to be positive statements as if the situation is occurring right now. So it is not that something is coming to you, it is as if it is happening now or has already happened. So if you want to be pregnant you do not affirm "I will get pregnant" you affirm "I am pregnant." Affirmations do not need to be long to be successful. The best affirmations are phrases that are comfortable for you to say. If an affirmation is too long then you may get tired of saying it. It needs to be language that you would comfortably use in your daily life. Take the time to word your affirmations so they best suit your needs.

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