Do you or someone close to you suffer from anxiety attacks? Believe it or not it’s a very common disorder that many people live with every day, often feeling like they cannot get on with their lives the way they want due to the threat of anxiety attacks creeping up on them when they least expect it!

In the USA alone anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness, affecting a staggering 40 million people aged 18 or older.

Anxiety disorders range from simple panic disorders to social anxiety disorders, and specific or general anxiety disorders. These disorders can sometimes be directly related to money worries, however they can stem from just about anything, and getting help with them is very important.

If you are looking for something to help you with your anxiety, something that you can do yourself when you are at home or out and about, you will benefit from affirmations.

Although we use affirmations to primarily attract health and wealth at Dollars Want Me, they can also be used for many other things including anxiety disorders!

Affirmations are a fantastic way to get your mind focussed. Affirmations are small sentences that are repeated throughout the day and can be repeated over and over if you are having an anxiety attack. Repeating affirmations can have a soothing effect and help to stop the anxiety attack by refocussing your mind onto something else, taking your attention away from the reason you are anxious.

Many people can make themselves anxious with negative “self-talk”, whether you realise it or not your mind is constantly thinking and talking to you all day. We may not even be aware of most of the thoughts we have, but they can be damaging when they are negative 99% of the time.

The only way to change these thoughts, is to become aware of them and change them for positive ones. Easier said than done right? Wrong! That’s where affirmations come in! By consciously saying positive affirmations, you will train your mind over time to think only positive thoughts.

Try using these affirmations below to begin with:

I am a confident happy person
I am social person who enjoys meeting other people
Life is wonderful and I trust in god/universe to live a fulfilled life
With every breath I realise the anxiety in me and become calm
I am free of anxiety

You may feel a little silly saying them out loud at first, but once you realise the power of your affirmations during an anxiety attack, you will have no problem saying them…. We can guarantee it!

Once you have mastered these affirmations, you may feel like you want to try writing your own, this is great as you can make them personal to you and your anxiety and they will help you in your journey to happiness even further!

Remember, always write positive affirmations, always write them in the present and always, always believe in yourself and your affirmation!

Author's Bio: 

Matthew E. Alleyne "The Results Coach" is the mastermind behind this unique concept, he is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, personal development and business coach! Matthew works with Bob Proctor from the movie "The Secret", seen by more than 300 million people and the legendary success expert Brian Tracy who has helped over 5 million people reach their goals. Matthew has been very successful in his field for more than 25 years. Matthew lives by the adage "Those who care, teach".