Affirmations Change Your Brain?”
• “Wait. Are you saying that ordinary, dumb words, repeated in a sing-song fashion, can change my thoughts and emotions? Sounds ridiculous to me”, said Stephanie.

• “More incredible, the latest scientific research at Carnegie-Mellon University, and published in the journal, PLOS ONE, says these “dumb” words, repeated like a parrot, can boost your problem-solving skills. Our experience is “affirmations” can improve your results up to 80%.”

• “Tell me more.”

• “Example: “Every-day-in-every-way, I’m getting better and better” affirmed three-times daily for 5-minutes each, before any High-Pressure-Performance.

• Say you were sitting for your SATs, or LSATs, or GRE. Just prior (15-minutes) before the exam, get into your “Flow”, your “Zone”, for a Peak-Experience. How?

• “Repeat about 10-times in-a-row the affirmation, “Every-day, in every way, I’m getting better-and-better.” It requires powerful emotions, and “Daydreaming” (mentally visualize) your desired outcome. Think & feel & expect to ACE the exam, interview or presentation.”

• “Go back. You said the “affirmation” has to be repeated three-times daily, right? When?”

• “First, just before getting out of bed in the morning. You’re in a “twilight-zone (Hypnogogic). Again during mid-day, and finally, just before you fall asleep (Hypnopompic). It’s10-times in a row, for about 5-minutes.”

• “So it’s no different than rehearsing to learn a foreign language vocabulary. Retest your memory by verbally repeating, and them writing it out ten-times, right?”

• “Sure. An “affirmation” is a Belief or Value that you repeat to infinity, until it programs your brain.”
“Remember, it’s your consistent thoughts & feelings, that create your behaviors and life-experiences. It is how we learn and remember knowledge and skills.”

• “I can accept that.”

• “We hear and use words to “influence, persuade, & convince”, 16-hours daily. It is forgotten that there are
Hypnotic words, Chronic-Stress words, as well as “neutral” words.

• Threatening words trigger our Fight-or Flight Response and ignites our Sympathetic Nervous System. Just remember adrenaline & cortisol, the stress-hormone.

• Critical Point: when you are Stressed out because of the event, your left-brain fades-out, with its analysis, logic & reason. Good-bye, Acing the test-interview-presentation.
Do your “affirmations” beforehand, and you’re Smiling.

• The opposite of Fight-or-Flight is the deep relaxation of your Parasympathetic Nervous System. It pourx the neurotransmitter – acetylcholine for self-confidence into your nervous system & its 63-Trillion cells.

• “I saw a video of a Japanese company, think it was SONY,
That required the executives and factory workers to stand together in the morning, chanting positive-statements. It was called Kaizen.”

• “It means “small or continuous Improvements.” Human Resources departments for Japanese corporations say, it has made them world leaders in electronics.”

• “Please give me an example of some great “affirmations”.”

• The lead scientist at Carnegie-Mellon University is Dr. J. David Creswell did not recommend these, SpeedReading101 does. We taught them to thousands of executives who report up to 80% improvements in learning & memory.

• Here are three great “affirmations”.

• a) “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.”
b) “Everything is always working out for me.”
• c) “I am prepared, and have a “unique-competitive-advantage”.

• “I only use one of the three, correct?”

• “Exactly. Repeat aloud (chant) ten-times, with strong feeling, and imagination about the positive end-results.
You can do it silently, & get the same stong results.

• “Tell again WHY “affirmations” are so valuable?”

• 1. Under high-pressure events like important exams, your heart begins to race, and your blood-pressure begins to rise.

• 2. Chronic Stress affects (hurts) your immune system.

• 3. Your breathing becomes shallow, & slow. Short on Oxygen.

• 4. Your long-term memory, knowledge, & skills slow up.
Endwords: Dr. Creswell of Carnegie-Mellon says, “affirmations” are easy-to-use, and a portable strategy. He recommends it before all high-stress performances.
• That’s it. Test it, do a mind experiment. If it works no matter how dumb it appears, USE-IT.
“Tune-in-Turn-On, & Tap-In.” has used it successfully for the past 13-years.
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Bernard Wechsler, director of education,
Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading.
Graduated 2-million, including the White House staffs of
four U.S.Presidents. Teach one-day workshops at Columbia