If one has the need to change their self-image, they might end up using affirmations. This could be because someone else has recommended this approach, or it could be something they have decided upon.

However, although one may have decided to use them, it doesn’t mean that they will have looked into the other options that are available. This is not to say that one is easily led or that they don’t think for themselves; what it comes down to is how pervasive affirmations have become.

The Answer

It then won’t matter what one needs to work on or how much of an effect it is having on their life; as they can end up believing that they only need to use affirmations. So if one has low self-esteem or if their relationships are not going to plan, all one needs to do is to repeat a few phrases every now and then.

As there are so many people who stand by this approach, it can stop someone from questioning whether they work or not. Through books, CDs and videos, one can gradually come to believe in affirmations.


When a lot of people stand by a certain outlook or ideology, it doesn’t always matter if what they stand for reflects reality or if it is something that one should aspire to. How they feel can define whether they are sucked in or not, and not if it is the right thing for them to do.

The belief that others have in affirmations can be enough for one to use them regardless of whether they work or not. What matters is that other people believe in them and that when one uses them, they will ‘feel better’.

Two Sides

However, to say that affirmations don’t work, would be the same as saying they always work. One wouldn’t use a screwdriver to cut a piece of wood and neither would they use a saw to put a screw in.

It all comes down to using the right tools for the right job; as to use the wrong tool is only going to cause problems. There will be times when one is able to improve their life through using affirmations.

The Purpose

What it can come down to is what one is using them for. If one has the need to focus their mind and to bring to their attention to what is good about their life for instance, they could soon experience positive results

Yet, it is not just about the words that one says; it is also about how they feel on the inside and what is currently taking place in their life. One person could say something to themselves and it would go in fine, but if another said the same thing, it might not have an effect on them.

Planting Seeds

If one was to plant seeds, they would prepare the ground before they put the seeds in. One could just drop them anywhere and see what happens, but they won’t have as much success as they would if they prepared the ground first.

What can stop affirmations from working is when one is unable to internalise what they are saying to themselves. Just like one would prepare the ground before they plant a seed; they need to prepare their being before they use affirmations.

It’s all about the Mind

However, if one believes that the only thing that is holding them back is what is taking place in their mind, it might be hard for them to understand why they need to get themselves ready first.

One could believe that it is all about conditioning and through using affirmations, one is replacing one form of conditioning with another. When it comes to the mind, it is all about conditioning, but the same can’t be said about the body.

The Body

What is going on in one’s body can influence what takes place in their mind; with their being more information sent from the body than there is from the mind to the body. So if one can’t accept something at an intellectual level, it could be a sign that they need to look at what is taking place in their body.

When one is carrying emotional pan within them, it is going to have an effect on what is taking place in their mind. Yet, if one believes that their mind is in control of how they feel, they could use affirmations in order to change how they feel.


It then won’t matter that one’s emotions are there to offer them guidance, as they can end up being pushed out of one’s awareness. But if one believes that their thoughts define how they feel, then they might not realise what is happening.

As time passes, one can end up being disconnected from how they feel. This will mean that although their mind has changed, their body hasn’t. Over time, what has built up within them will end up affecting other areas of their life.

Another Approach

If, on the other hand, one tuned into their emotions and allowed them to appear, they might soon find out why an affirmation isn’t working. Once the pain in their body has been faced and released, they might find that it is easier for them to accept affirmations.

It could also mean that one no longer needs to use the affirmations that they were using before. Through letting go, one will be able to embrace their true self as opposed to trying to decorate their false self. The assistance of a therapist, healer and/or a support group might be needed here.

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