I believe the words you say and the thoughts you think are extremely important in creating an affirmation for yourself.
Sometimes people use words that are not affirming in their affirmations.

Take for instance, I can write do something.

Note that words play a super important role here and you must be careful. If I used the affirmation "I can write a book," it would a step in the right direction but only a step.

My mind, after repetition of that mantra, would accept that I can write a book. After awhile, I do not know about you, my mind would also then hammer away at me with "so what." You can't because you aren't.

That is, of course, unless by my saying I can write a book, got me writing right away.

I could tell my mind that I can and am going to, and I think you can see the immediate result if I did not start writing immediately.

My Mom taught me this one. When my brothers and sisters would say we can do something, my Mom would say, will you? And when? So be careful with “I can.” It could be useful and it could be a mind trap.

A side note here. When Obama was running for president his famous mantra was “Yes we can.” I wondered why it wasn't “Yes we will.” I think that would appear “too big” and he would be blamed for what “did not happen” to solve all the problems in the country. Maybe that is why he used “Yes we can.” Interesting !

Anyway, be careful with “I can.”

Some examples……

I can't do it right---I can do it right----when?

I can't get a raise---I can get a raise----when and how?

I can't sing----------I can sing------have you ever sung?

I can't cook----------I can cook------have you ever cooked?

I am "Going To”

What about "I am going to write a book" as an affirmation? Again, my mind would say "so what--when?" See the words, "can and going to," would not be very good even though they would be a step in the right direction, never the less, better than "I can't.” I would still be stuck.

Some examples………

I am going to do it right----when ?

I am going to get a raise----when and how ?

I am going to sing-----------when ?

I am going to cook-----------when ?

I Will

What about "I will write a book." Better again, but “when?” my mind would say the same things as above.

Now “I will” can be incredibly powerful as long as a time limit is placed with it. I will wash my car today. Experiment with “I will.” I really have not much and know it is powerful when used in certain ways like I described above.

Remember, if you do not take action, it will drive you

I Am

How about "I am writing a book (not I am going to.)” That works and I better start even with a title or an outline or something or here my mind comes again. It creates ACTION on my part.

The power of "I am" is incredible.

Some other examples of the "I am" are below for reference.......
I can't do it right. I am doing it right.
I can't get a raise. I am getting a raise in a month or I am leaving for more money and a better place.
I can't sing. I am singing fine just the way I sing.
I can't cook. I am cooking and am learning to cook better and better
More on the “I am” power later……..

I Am Not

A warning. The "I am" statement is powerful. Do not use the word "not" with it or any other affirmation. I am not afraid. I am not going to mess up today. It has been said that these types of statements confuse the mind's computer with a negative/positive.

More "Word'' Problems

"I am becoming-------happy." This maybe ok if you have trouble believing your affirmation. You could be "becoming" forever.
Stay with action words and while the above is an action statement I would stick with "I am happy," and work it. While the affirmation has to be yours, think about what is being said. I believe you cannot go wrong with simply, "I am" with one more word.

Some other examples....

I accept joy---why not try instead---I am accepting joy now ! or I am joyful or best----I am joy!
I intend to be loving---why not try instead---I am loving now !
Every word you use in an affirmation to create a positive mindset is important.

Bless you on your journey.

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