Old-fashioned carpets are handmade using natural components like wool and cotton, which must be prepared beforehand so that they can be used in weaving. This process is usually holy or jealously guarded by members of the tribal culture who hold understanding of it. Dyeing, for example, is generally the preserve of men. You can find five principal phases to organizing natural fibres:

Firstly, the substance must be gathered. Cotton is picked, or wool is sheared from animals. Shearing generally takes place only twice per year, and the wool must be washed to eliminate dirt. Wool could be taken from sheep, alpaca and other creatures depending on the place and conditions.

The natural state of the fibres is a heap; carding is thus the next stage of preparation. It requires pulling the substance through a series of pins or serrated card (or also fingers) to tease out all the tangles. 1 gallon to cups
By over and over pulling the fibres, they could be changed into long, right threads. These strings are required for the next stage; spinning.

Rotating could be performed yourself or by unit; it moves the carded fibres into lengths of bond that may be used by themselves for sewing. For rug-making purposes, the strings are turned together to create a larger yarn. String could be made up of just a couple lengths or several, and the'ply'is a description of this. Like, a string containing 2 lengths is famous is'2-ply '. The bigger the amount of lengths, the tougher and larger the string may be.

The next stage of planning is dyeing the string, and this can be a more complex process. The string might be prepared with a solution that really helps to bond the color; that answer can include alum, chrome and also urine. Then a string is positioned in a color tub, and left to dry afterwards. One last wash is conducted to eliminate surplus dye. This will also create a patina of age by toning down the colours, depending on the compounds used.

You can find a huge selection of means of providing natural colors; they could be derived from creatures, vegetables or minerals. Some colors are simple to supply and some aren't; pink like often needs a variety of several dye. Some natural colors may change color with time; only synthetic colors have permitted us to truly have the whole array of permanent tones that people do today. Organic colors also fade with time, which explains why pale colours are usually related to age. The compounds used in cleaning can replicate that look but, as can the strategy of keeping a rug. Like, a carpet left in direct sunlight will undoubtedly be a lot more pale than one of many same age that lies in a shady corner.

The colours applied may be selected due to the structure, or they could be selected because of what they represent. Red like is employed for wealth, and yellow is holy to Buddhists.

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