Advocare International is a network marketing company that sells health and nutrition products. The company is based out of Plano; a Dallas, Texas suburb.

Advocare International was created in 1993 by an entrepreneur named Charles Ragus. Interestingly enough, Ragus was actually an independent distributor for Herbalife before starting his own company.

To this day, Herbalife and Advocare are rival companies. This is a pretty interesting way for a company to get started! Keep reading to learn more about Advocare products and the business model.

The Network Marketing Model

Since its inception back in 1993, Advocare International has grown considerably. The network marketing company now has more than 100,000 global distributors.

If you are not familiar with the network marketing business model, distributors are independent marketers that are paid to promote a company, such as Advocare or Mary Kay, and their products.

Assuming a given company produces quality and marketable products, the network marketing business model can be very profitable. Advocare International certainly meets these requirements.

Perhaps that most appealing aspect of this model is that anyone can try to build their own business using it. Regardless of education, race, creed, or color, any motivated entrepreneurial minded individual can build an income in network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing.

Marketable Product Line?

A Product line’s marketability is definitely an aspect that needs to be researched an addressed before enrolling as an independent distributor with any MLM company. That being said, let’s take a quick look at what exactly Advocare has to offer.

As I mentioned briefly, Advocare International distributes health promoting products. Are they marketable though?

It was recently reported that the health and wellness industry is actually one of the quickest expanding industries globally. Judging by product reviews and this statement alone, it is safe to say that Advocare distributors market an intriguing product line.

Advocare distributes products in the following categories: Trim (for weight loss), Active (athletes), wellness, performance elite, and definite difference. If you’re reading this today because you are interested in the business opportunity, please keep reading.

The Business Opportunity

You may be reading this today because you’d like to learn some more information about potentially earning a passive residual income with Advocare International. Advocare independent distributors earn an income in a few different ways.

First of all, distributors earn commission on any products they sell wholesale. It’s essentially like owning your own online nutrition store.

Secondly, distributors can earn by recruiting new distributors. When you enroll a new distributor, you will then earn additional income based on that individual’s production.

While many people have built massive streams of income using this model, most people fail because they don’t learn to market or they simply put no effort in. If you’d genuinely like to make a living working with Advocare, you need to adopt some internet marketing skills.

This will allow you to expose your business to countless people worldwide. I hope this review answered any questions you may have about Advocare International.

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