Advice on relationships by Rosemary Price psycihc. Did you know that most of the people who seek out advice from strangers are wanting help with relationship issues. They are wanting to get together with someone they like a lot, or they are in a relationship and it has troubles that they hope can get resolved if they get the right advice. Relationship advice is at the top of the list when people seek out advice, it comes before work, money and health.

MAYBE this is because people get into more of a state when it is about being in love. Our emotional and mental happiness and welfare is just as important as our physical health and it can affect how we feel physically. I have known of people who have ended up with awful physical symptoms such as feeling nauseous, dizzy, migraines, stomach aches and similar complaints simply because they were lonely, depressed, sad or worried.

To give advice to someone who has a problem is a huge responsibility, but when it is a relationship issue it is a very big responsibility. If we advise them to walk away from their lover or dump their boyfriend when that is the wrong advice it changes the whole course of their future. It is not enough to care we have to know that the advice given is good and worth having. Anyone who is going through a bad time needs to be able to trust the person they turn to to be putting their needs first.

This is why I set up The Association of Agony Aunts. I find it irresponsible that people with no proper training or expertise are legally allowed to set themselves up as an agony aunt, offering advice to people in need, when many of them are not really able to achieve it and give the help needed. I made sure I was thoroughly tested, many years ago, the Press, experts and other professionals vouched for me, otherwise I would not have continued to ask strangers to trust me with their problems nor had the cheek to ask them for money for that advice.

Anyone who comes to me for a job has to be properly trained elsewhere or by me and properly and fully tested before they are allowed to give "advice" to people who need it. Otherwise there is a risk that the information or advice they give is doing more damage than it is helping. And I know that when a person is suffering and upset the last thing they need is to turn to someone for guidance and get the wrong information, they will feel even worse then. I am always on the look out for someone who needs help and training to get involved with this work if they have that natural ability that a good expert has but I would rather be short staffed and carry on looking than take on someone who is inadequate at this work.

99% of clients who consult an online or face to face expert are female? And of those 80% are females that are under the age of 25? Did you know that of those 80% are single or dating and have never been married or had a baby? Some of these girls are not able to talk to family or friends, they have no support elsewhere, making it an even bigger responsibility. This is why they seek out someone for phone or email support and guidance of Rosemary Price psychic.

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