Muslims worldwide desire to perform Umrah to attain spiritual strength by getting closer to Allah Almighty and His last Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. However, often pilgrims find it hectic to perform Umrah obligations, which can become convenient if they follow some tips that enable them to conveniently and aptly perform the Umrah pilgrimage. In this article, we’ll share those tips that will enable intending pilgrims to conveniently and aptly plan and perform the Umrah pilgrimage.
1. Execute Advance Research
Before packing for, conduct research two months before performing Umrah. There are several books and online videos available that provide detailed information regarding performing Umrah. Keep in mind there are also booklets available about performing Umrah but they do not contain details of each aspect of Umrah pilgrimage. Search for books with details of the Umrah and read them thoroughly.
2. Make Copies of Documents
Create multiple hard and soft copies of your passport and other imperative documents and email soft copies to yourself and those whom you can trust so you have a copy available in case something gets skewed.
3. Beware of Bad Influences in Groups
If you are traveling with a group, then beware of bad influences as there are both kinds of people in any group. They can significantly affect one’s pilgrimage for numerous reasons.
For example, they can make you watch movies together, eat junk food, sleep more, and all other stuff that can make you lose important time in which you could worship and could be more productive.
4. Observe the Rules of Ihram
It is important to know that there are simple guidelines that pilgrims can subconsciously violate. For example, pilgrims often forget that they can’t use scented soap while in ihram. Therefore, acquire unscented soap before leaving for Umrah.
Another example can be men covering their heads while observing Ihram, whereas it is not permissible for men to cover their heads with anything. Moreover, both men and women are also not allowed to wear gloves while observing Ihram.
Another significant piece of advice, particularly for men, is to remember to cover their awrah in the state of ihram and avoid any accidental exposure by being conscious of it.
5. Barber hygiene
If you decide to shave your head, then make sure the barber uses a disposable blade. Otherwise, using a pre-used blade can significantly increase the chances of catching Hepatitis C or other severe diseases. Although, the Saudi government ensures that the hygiene regulations are strictly followed by the barbers. However, be careful on your behalf and have your barber open up the shaving blade in front of you.
6. Taking Care of Modesty
For women, it is advised not to cut their hair at the Kaabah and avoid exposing themselves just because they are in a haste to complete their Umrah. They must take care of their modesty, get back to the hotel, take off the hijab there, and then cut their hair in the hotel room.

7. Utilize Vaseline or Prickly Heat Powder
Men do not wear any boxers or underwear while observing Ihram. This can increase the chances of getting chafed between the legs. Therefore, apply Vaseline or use prickly heat powder as can make a world of a difference.

Umrah is a significant journey in every Muslim’s life. Every pilgrim wants to aptly perform their Umrah pilgrimage but there are always some trivial hitches that cause spiritual, physical, or mental disruption and make the experience a little unpleasant. In this article, we shared some of those unique problems that pilgrims could face while practically performing Umrah. Hope following these instructions might help you during your Umrah journey, which is one of the most memorable moments of any Muslim’s life. There are some more important tips as well that we’ve shared here…. (Other article’s link)
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We have more than 10 thousand satisfied customers and are also ATOL-certified and IATA-protected. Visit to acquire our services for the lifetime holy experience of Umrah.