Life can change direction quickly, creating long term unintended consequences. Stuck steals focus; depression/addiction cripples. Opportunity awaits us all. I know the difference.

It was October 2, 1964 at 4:02 PM. My father died suddenly. I was sixteen. My world changed instantly and so did I. I was told looked like Paul McCartney, had a car, was a freshman in college and had just started to date. Life looked good, my future was optimistic.

From happy and adventurous, I became depressed and frightened, believing I needed to become a man overnight. It wasn’t true, but I believed it. Oh the burdens we bear when false beliefs appear real. I got therapy and was helped: my depression was over for then.

I continued college, studied hard and graduated with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, July 1976.

My mission was to help others address pain and I did. I helped too many for too long. I took care of them instead of taking care of me and I burned out big time. I closed my practice on June 24, 1992 at 7 PM. I couldn’t do “It” anymore.

Therapy fixes the past. So again, I got therapy. Years later, past fixed, now what?

Coaching creates an opportune present and future. I needed to create my own successful present and future. I got a coach.

Inspired and refocused, I went back to school, transferred my skills, experience and knowledge and I became a coach: a life coach, a personal development and business coach, a wellness coach, a highly empathic, humble and clear, confident, when in role, trusted advisor and expert for people who are serious about living their life, their way.

Instead of Dr. Grossman, a compulsively overworked fixer of the diagnostically impaired, I reclaimed myself as a Personal Development and Wellness Coach and branded myself as Dr. I WannaWanna.

Over time, my life’s purpose became clearer and clearer: To End the Pain and Stigma of Having an Addiction and “Its”Consequences: Yours and Mine!

I became clear that I WannaWanna live my life my way in complementary ways with complementary others. I want to inspire others, with clarity and passion, to help them, you and me to live within our dreams and to help us extend our abilities, to help us develop the plan and the support necessary for us to succeed our way.

Almost 5 years ago, September 10, 2005, my mother died. She was 91. She was clever and a jokester. She battled 20 lbs most of her adult life. She collected diet books, went to spas and struggled with her YoYo 20, her 20 pound difference between feeling good about herself and not.

Her struggle paid off, she learned what and how to live and DO differently. I learned much from her struggle, success and wisdom.

I wrote and titled this program as a tribute to her and to the wisdom she shared with any friends who complained about and struggled with their weight problems.

The title is a quote of hers: “You Didn’t Get FAT From Breathing!”
I added: You Won’t Get Lose Weight From Reading!
You Need To DO Different DO!
And That My Friend Is Up To You!

Over the years, I have learned important solutions to the struggle of millions worldwide. This program is my best attempt to share it with you.

So I ask: How about you?

Are you tired of your same old “It”.

Are you tired of living and working Fat and without purpose?
Laboring under stuck beliefs and actions,
feeling the weight of your responsibility and the weight of your weight,
without the joy and success, the “enjoyment” you are meant to have?

Are You Ready for Change?

Will You Accept Help?

I can’t help everybody; that I know. I might be able to help you. That can be determined with one confidential, free consultation.

Hi, I am Gary Grossman, affectionately known as Dr. I WannaWanna, life coach, trusted advisor, ethical opportunist and agent of CHOICE and CHANGE!

I specialize in helping professional, charismatic, bright, fun, creative people get out of stuck, ridding themselves of toxic beliefs, disempowering people and useless, unhealthy Fat.

I teach you the truth about your truth. Then with your permission teach you what to do and how to do. I teach you what you need to DO to succeed without your Fat and otherwise useless and unhealthy behaviors controlling your life ever again.

Does this sound beneficial?

I can inspire you to eliminate excuses, to live your strengths, to empower your right to be and your right to have fun while you be; no more creature of habit, just you, your loving, inspired, purposeful, fun-filled you in the responsible world of your CHOOSING, free of useless Fat! Now that’s one low calorie mouthful of hope!

I promise to listen to and respect your truth and then tell you the truth about whether or not I can help you and how.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Personal Development and Wellness Coach for successful people; i.e. people, like you, who can DO what you intend to DO when you know What to DO and How and have the support necessary to Succeed.

I began my professional career in 1971 working with addicts on the streets of New York City. I was quickly known as the 90 Day Wonder. It was a term of derision. They mocked me, knowing full well that I had no right to pretend that I knew the "Truths" of their lives or their circumstances. Thankfully I was smart enough to agree with them. They were right. I didn't know their truths or their circumstances and what I learned in college didn't teach me this either.

I, however, knew that they KNEW and if I could show them the honor and respect that they were worthy of, once they trusted me, I might be able to help them.
I respected, they trusted, they got help and I made a career decision to respect the fundamental differences in people, and with their permission to help them with our fundamental similarities.

I have been doing this work ever since. You see I learned "It" is about Helping YOU and them with Your "It", Your Fat, Your Life with permission and respect.

I have over 50,000 hours of "in chair" experience helping people like YOU SUCCEED!

I have lived a life that includes highlights and failure, burnout and recovery. I have been there and done that. My task is to help if I can and to refer elsewhere as appropriate.

My goal is to help you Lose Fat and to build A Fat Fight Plan, a Life Plan that you can self monitor effectively and proudly for the rest of your life.