We all experiences challenges and adverse situations in our lives from time to time but the key to those experiences is not to fold and cave in but to rise above them and grow to a deeper level of who you are. I have recently had numerous challenges come into my life in various levels and degrees and I must admit it makes you sink deep into your soul and reflect on who you are and what it is you are hoping to accomplish. It is far easier to cave in and give up saying, “I guess this is my fate!” I would like to suggest however, that you quiet your mind long enough to re-evaluate your circumstances and come to grips with what it is that you truly need right now to exist and survive. Sometimes it is sheer survival that gets you through the tough times. It is the self-realization that you can exist with less, that you can use your imagination to find a solution and that you can come out a winner because you are tough and a fighter. There is also a piece of your heart that says: You are almost at the top of your mountain so keep going.

Our character is truly defined by the most difficult challenges that we face. It is that moment in time when we have to stay strong, no matter what and think with clarity of purpose on how we are going to move forward and resolve the issue we are faced with. It is also the knowing that if we stay strong, the challenges will move away and we will have an improved outcome. Hope is powerful. It is vital for your survival to have HOPE that tomorrow will be better and that you will find the necessary answer.

The test of our character can only be strengthen with the support of our Creator who is actually giving us loving support and guidance. I believe that I am always presented with clues to help me move in the right direction, but it is my task to figure out the clues and solve the puzzle placed in front of me. The path to courage and strength can be difficult mostly because we are faced with the unknown. If we knew the end result, we would be more receptive to walking through the tunnel of darkness. Unfortunately, that is not our privilege. Yet I can say from experience that God has never deserted me and although it may take me to the last hour to see the right answer, I get it every time. I have also discovered that if the pieces are not falling into place, then I am in the wrong place. That is the time I need to re-think my plans and move in another direction.

Our future is truly dependent upon our ability to develop our character and keep our minds open to all possibilities. The experiences that we face open us up to ways that we never thought i possible yet as I look back over my life, I can say that I wanted to have all of the experience that I was faced with. It has made my life an adventure to behold. Why you might ask? Because I have grown far more than I though I was capable.

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Joan Marie is an accomplished Medical Intuitive, and Business Intuitive and is the founder and President of Joan Marie Companies. She is fast becoming the World’s leading authority on the teachings of Intuition and how to make your Intuition work for you in your life. She is famous for her uncanny details as a Medical Intuitive. People seek out her skill at being able to scan your body in search of clues for the disconnect as she sees the emotional link between the disease or situations happening in your over all health. Joan Marie has teamed up with Doctors from all over the world to consult with their patients to help resolve their medical problems. Many doctors refer their clients and encourage them to work with Joan Marie because they too realize that many medical problems are emotional based. She is also a medium and can communicate and deliver messages from loved ones from the other side. Joan Marie’s life mission is to not only awaken you to your true life’s purpose but to also assist you at the core of your soul with healing any emotional problems that are continually coming up in your daily life. Through her special talents and gifts Joan Marie can share with you the exact age when your problem began as she works with you to bring you specific tools to help you heal your soul and emotions.