The young generation now uses electronic tools more than ever to communicate with their friend. Just because they are cyber equipped with technology does not necessarily mean that they can use it with equal maturity . While the internet provides potential advantages for educational institutions in terms of the students’ access to knowledge and information previously inaccessible, it also proves to have some adverse effects such as wasting time or antisocial behaviour. This conflict regarding internet use is described as “two sides of the same coin" Particularly, excessive internet use during young age is gradually increasing. Excessive use brings with it unfavourable academic, social and psychological consequences as well as the risk of internet addiction “Excessive internet use” is described as “obsessive, uncontrolled, excessive and problematic behaviour arising from use of digital technologies. Excessive internet use not only means use of the internet for extended periods, but also a condition of “inability to control online activities, with an emphasis on negative consequences arising from lack of self-control” , (“Excessive and inefficient use” of the internet is considered to be a “symptom of internet addiction. It is a problematic condition in the frame of its “adverse effects on balanced life”, “posing an addiction risk”, “self-control ability in online activities”, and “use with negative consequences. Excessive internet use in young age is under scrutiny across the world in terms of its adverse effects, hazards and addiction risks.

By using some of these method students can control their Internet Addiction


Block out distracting websites for a set amount of time, focus more on positive things rather negative.

2. Concentrate
Maximize focus while shifting between different tasks, concentre on particular task and be focused until you succeed in it.

3. Spirituality

Spend some time in your day for spirituality it will give mental peace.

4. Yoga

Should devote some time on Yoga & Meditation it will help in self-actualisation

5. Reading

Books are the best friend so spend more and more time with them.

6. Antisocial

Instantly block the social websites that are killing your focus.

7. Family time

Sometime in a whole day should be reserved for family & friends

8. Focus

Remind yourself to take regular breaks to keep your focus sharp.

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