Every year, thousands of students decide to leave their own countries to study abroad. With dozens and dozens of nations at their fingertips, many students have a hard time choosing exactly where to go. Some opt to travel to places like Europe or Asia, while others want to go to places even further away: they study abroad or summer abroad in Australia.

There are many reasons to join study abroad programs: the experience of new cultures and new people, as well as changes in scenery to simply name a few. But, what makes college study abroad programs in Australia so unique and special? Why are so many students finding a summer abroad in Sydney so exciting?

Study abroad programs in Australia have many advantages. Here are simply a few ups to going down under:

A Chance at an Excellent Education: The college study abroad programs in Australia are well known for their excellence. Not only are these study abroad programs thorough and engaging, but they are also dynamic and progressive. The Australian education system is always striving to engage students in new ways of learning and growing. Additionally, the courses taken during a year or summer abroad and the qualifications obtained are recognized on a global level.

A Relaxed, Comfortable Lifestyle: Australia is well known for its relaxed and comfortable lifestyle, a lifestyle that merges well with nature and the great outdoors. With laid back citizens and an easy going culture, the study abroad programs in Australia may just be what the stressed out college student ordered. Australia is a great place to explore when hitting the books becomes too much.

A Cheaper Standard of Living: Whenever you go to a different country, a new cost of living comes into the picture. In Australia, the cost of living and the cost of studying is often cheaper when compared to other study abroad countries.

A Wonderful Culture and Landscape: It is safe to say that when you chose college study abroad programs in Australia you are opening your eyes to a whole new world. Koala bears, kangaroos, and unique flora are just the beginning. Australia is also home to wonderful weather, and vibrant, multicultural cities.

Australia is a wonderful option for the study abroad student. Whether you decide to study abroad in somewhere like Melbourne or opt to summer abroad Sydney style, it is safe to say you will be happy and invigorated. Traveling down under is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no student is likely to ever forget.

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