If you are a marketer and going to promote your business online, but you don’t have a blog, then you are going to miss out golden opportunity to position yourself as an expert and promote your product and services.

Blogs may have started out as online into marketing powerhouses that can produce sales, build customer authority and increase engagement for your online business.

Another significant benefit of having a blog is that you can build a community and connect with website visitors through comments and social sharing. It is the first step to changing your readers into customers. Having a large body of content, increases the website’s visibility, making it easy for people to find you. As we know search engines also love fresh and valuable content, so regular updates will help you rank better as well.

Now Come to the point why WordPress for blogging
WordPress has advanced to a regular blogging site, to an unlimited amount of possibilities. WordPress can be used as a regular website, a blog, an E-Commerce website, and a lot more. If you're comparing WordPress with something, I will choose WordPress most of the time.

WordPress is more flexible regarding blogging. You can add different themes that make your site look better, or you can optimize it so you can show ads in certain places. There's also another option, plugins. You can use plugins to see detailed statistics of your traffic, errors, and much more. There are also some plugins that do work for you and help you when it comes to SEO.

The Advantages of Using WordPress

WordPress is widely considered as the most effective blogging CMS around, a name that's well-deserved.
The Important thing to know regarding WordPress CMS available in two versions – free and paid.

I love WordPress and always advise clients and other blogger's friend's mine to go to a self-hosted WordPress blog instead of the free version even if they’re new blogging.
I explain why below, but for this post, I need to convey you a clear and unbiased summary. Therefore, you'll create the correct alternative. Ultimately, it comes down to your blogging goals.

Reason to Choose Wordpress CMS

1.Content Management System- WordPress is a powerful CMS, which brings convenient options to you. You have direct control over the content you publish, which eliminates the hassles or wait time of a web developer.

2.Easy to Use & Premium Hostings– just like as blogger WordPress quick and easy to set up. Sign up for a free account and be blogging within a minute. WordPress.com is self-hosted and managed on my own so no need to worry about paying for affordable hostings because it’s included. You can get a domain name in this format “yourdomain.wordpress.com.” By spending some money, you can quickly get your custom domain name. It’s worth doing this if you choose WordPress.com because it makes things much easier if you want to self-host your blog in the future.

3.Plugins & Theme– WordPress is blessed by a great feature you can also say its backbone of WordPress. By use of paid and Free Wordpress plugins, you can customize your website as you want. Theme decides navigation and look of your blog in WordPress you have full FTP access by which you can modify the looks and feel of the website.

4.Easy Social Media Integration– social media is another excellent way in which business can gain exposure. In combination with a professional site, you can increase more traffic
, lead as well as new customers too.

5.Content Scheduling in Advance- If you have several works and places to write content and yet you don’t want to publish all at once. WordPress allows you to upload post as much you can then create a schedule date for each post.

6. SEO Friendly– traffic and more traffic is the most critical concern of every blogger will look for. WordPress includes a variety of Meta tags that search engines crawler use to decide how to index your pages. As a result, your WordPress blog will more freely appear high in ranking and readers visiting your blog through a search engine results page will know what to believe.

7.Easy blog Integration – WordPress, since it starts out with the blogger in mind, provide some of the best tools for blogs, which can be incorporated directly into your business website. Having a blog on your site is crucial because it help to generate traffic, as well as let you show the human and personal side of the business.

8. Mobile Readiness- No need to develop two websites for your mobile user. WordPress recognizes automatically if the person is viewing the site through a mobile or browser and configures the content to be seen correctly on either.

In short, WordPress is a blog software of choice because it is easy and flexible to use and it helps to boost searchability on Google too. 100% control over my blog or website, by which we can self-host its own!

Did I forget any benefits of WordPress blog sites over traditional sites?

So which blogging platform you are using and why? Which WordPress service attracts you to choose WordPress? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Amit is the Co-founder of Rejolut. He has a total of 8+ years of experience and worked in a leadership position in companies like Purplle, Loyalty, etc. Rejolut and BlockChain Development Company
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