Many blogging platforms have come and left but it seems like WordPress is here to stay. Since 2003, WordPress has moved from just a simple blogging software to the best open source website development platform. It is actually one of the widely used content management systems and accounts for about 35 per cent websites around the world. If you are not using WordPress, you are missing out. WordPress is being used by some of the best eCommerce websites and some of the top-notch celebrities like Jay-Z. If you are planning on starting a website, these are some of the advantages that you are going to enjoy if you are choosing WordPress to design your website.

• WordPress is cost-effective

Creating a website used to cost someone a “fortune” before the introduction of WordPress. But with its introduction, you don’t need to break a bank in order to create a website. In addition to costing you less to develop a website, using WordPress will require you to use just a little amount in order to maintain your website. With a WordPress website, you can maintain the website yourself instead of using the services of a web designer to help you update content on your website.

• Update Anytime, Anywhere!

Nothing can be easier than updating your WordPress website. Regardless of what changes need to be done, WordPress allows you to do this from anywhere at anytime! You just need an internet connection and you are all set to login to your website and make the changes you need.

• WordPress themes are SEO ready.

If you just key in “SEO themes for WordPress” on your search engine, you are going to find over 50 good WordPress themes that you can use. WordPress is always very SEO friendly and it is built on simple as well as constant codes that makes it easy for Google to index your website. SEO friendly WordPress themes help you get full control on the pages you want to rank higher on the search engine results. Themes like Astra come with inbuilt schema markup, breadcrumbs, AMP support, etc. that make it easier for your websites to rank higher without putting in more efforts externally.

• Responsive website design

Mobile traffic has already surpassed the normal desktop traffic and almost 67 percent of people who access internet usually uses their mobile devices. If you choose a WordPress website design, you will not need to develop separate sites that are responsive to different devices since WordPress will automatically be responsive to any device. Your website will enjoy higher ranking on the google results because it will be easier for visitors to access your website using their mobile devices.

• WordPress is perfect for content marketing

By now you must know that content marketing is the real deal and it is one of the thing that drives a lot of organic traffic towards your website. Initially known as a blogging platform, WordPress helps you manage content better on a website too. If you are using WordPress you can simply update your content from anywhere and at any time.

Ready to begin with WordPress?

I am sure the advantages above will encourage you to go ahead and give it a try!

With free WordPress themes like Twenty Nineteen, Astra, Hestia, etc. it becomes quite reasonable to set up a WordPress website for free. Taking this a step further, Astra also offers you ready-to-use complete website demos that can be imported and used to build websites for FREE!
What can be better than getting an easy platform to build your website for free? Give it a try today!

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