Used in over 1.5 % of world websites, Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) which is known for its multifarious utilities and dynamic nature. Being open source ensures that the code used to run Drupal can be copied, modified, and shared with others.

Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that some of most renowned organizations websites including The White House, NASA, AOL, Yahoo Research, Amnesty International amongst others use this platform. The Drupal CMS solution is not only cost effective as it does not involve paying any licensing fee but also ensures that intricate websites can be developed in much less time than it would take using commercial CMS technologies.

One of the reasons for being an instant hit with web developers is because it offers myriad features and great flexibility for modifying, sharing and distributing content. Drupal is users friendly for Search Engine Optimizers as a number of modules are included to track statistics. After its installation, it is simple even for a non-technical user to add or edit content, update images as well as manage critical company data.

The platform can be used for job listing, product images and create an unlimited amount of sections. Since Drupal has a large community of over a million user accounts and over 10,000 developer accounts, one can get help and support from peers and any contribute for changes help in easing the code base update later. This CMS also allows administrators to set up permission based on assigned roles and group them into one for easy access.

For companies hiring a third party Drupal developer, they build on an open platform which does not tie the company to any one design company, developer or to a proprietary, closed application. The company owns the website and can develop it with anyone of their own choice. This is imperative if things go wrong with the existing design company.

Another big advantage of using Drupal is the fact that it is totally open source and there is no license or permissions needed to use it. This makes it truly affordable and helps in reducing costs substantially in the long run. Also, this automatically gives companies, website owners and web developers, access to change, modify or add new codes to the web sites or web based applications as and when the need arises for the same.

So, go ahead and develop your website on this vibrant platform!

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