HomeBox store is the largest Arab store in the field of decoration and home furnishing, it offers all its services and products online. Since the launch of this store, it has made the process of decorating your home or bedroom a simple and a very easy thing to do, as everybody in the UAE or Saudi Arabia can get what they want by ordering from home and receiving their products with professional delivery services, also HomeBox store offers many discounts and coupons and the best offers are those that you can get through Al Mowafir website, which is the number one Arab website in the field of offers and discount coupons.

The advantages of shopping from HomeBox store

This store is considered one of the best furniture stores in the Arab region and these are the most important products offered to the Arab customer:

  • The first section relates to furniture: you find bedroom furniture in different shapes and prices, in addition to children's furniture, which is an important section. If you want to equip your child’s room, you will find everything you wish for, dedicated to all ages from 3 years to 17 years.

  • The second section of the store is related to living: such as sofas, chairs, tables, carpets and other tools.
  • The third section of the store is related to bedrooms: all shapes and types, dedicted to children, adults or married.
  • The fourth section of the store is devoted to the kitchen: many styles of kitchens or dining tables and all its requirements.
  • The decoration is nothing to worry about, as it has a dedicated section as well, with countless modern and classic items to suit all tastes.

HomeBox Marketing Offers

The HomeBox store offers huge discounts, these offers are renewed on a daily basis, and there are some very attractive offers, some products are so cheap compared to the quality of the products. These offers vary across all store products, especially: dining utensils and accessories, home decoration utensils, frames, home fragrances, fountains, flowers for decoration, covers for sofas and vases, floor lamps and wall clocks, carpets, dinner sets and dinnerware, flasks of water, vessels and mugs of various shapes and colors are available at very attractive prices.

Shop at HomeBox with Al Mowafir coupon

Firstly, for those who have never used Al Mowafir platform, it is considered the largest Arab site for discount coupons, as it offers discount coupons to more than 70 Arab and international stores, including HomeBox, Al Mowafir provides us with coupon codes to obtain discounts that could sometimes reach more than 60 percent.

In general, the coupons related to the HOMEBOX store are available all year around and equal 10 to 15 percent.

In this simple explanation, we will show you how to take advantage of the coupons provided with HomeBox store, whether it is HomeBox UAE or Saudi Arabia:

First, enter Al Mowafir website by clicking on this link: https://almowafir.com/

This is a general picture of the website and the services it provides:

In the final step, click on the phrase "Getoffer" and the websitewill copy the discount code and takeyoudirectly to the store and that discount willbeapplied to all purchasesyoumake, justmake sure that the discount isappliedbefore the paymentprocess.

Al Mowafir store alsooffersanotherway to accessits services through an application for smartphones, and fromthere, choosewhich coupon youwant to use. The appwillalsosendyou notifications about limitedofferssothatyoudon’t miss any.

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The second step is by typing through the search box the word "Home Box" or Home Box Offers and Promo Codes. The store will appear, click on it to get a result as shown in this picture.