The good old days of a close-knit family are gone. Now it is the era of nuclear families where most of the times both the parents are working. Hence they have little time to look after the educational need of their child/ children. Even if one parent is at home he or her is so swamped with other household chores that it is impossible to concentrate on tutoring a child at the end of the day. There are thousands of things that today’s kids are engaged in apart from academic pursuits. There are dance classes, music lessons, soccer practices, and the list goes on. So even if there is a stay-home parent it becomes impossible for him or her to help the kid with all their home works and tutorials. The scenario becomes worse when there is a single parent. Then the onus of earning a living for the family as well as looking after the household needs falls upon one person. And then it becomes all the more difficult for that single parent to take care of all the educational guidance that a child needs.

There are also other factors that make the circumstances a tricky one. Over the years the educational curriculum has changed and now the parents are either out of practice or clueless about the various new methods and techniques that are adopted by the schools for all their usual and competitive exams. The time crunch is a new phenomenon of the present era and everyone is struggling to keep up either with their family commitments or with their career goals. In such a scenario, often the child’s educational needs suffer and they are left with almost no guidance at home. This has led to a new phenomenon. There are various child tutoring centers that have come up in the recent years to meet the demands for home tutoring of a child. Those who are in New Jersey can contact the Reading tutor in New Jersey who is capable enough to guide your child through the current syllabuses that are followed in the reputed schools.

Every parent dream of their child or children excelling in their studies so that they can secure a good future for themselves in the field of job or business ventures. The world has become increasingly competitive and to keep up with the competition, a child must be tutored properly or else he or she will not be able to keep up with the rest of the students. Hence the best way to help a child to score good marks is to arrange a home tutor who will be able to guide your child in the subjects he or she is weak in. There are the options of hiring a Reading tutor in New Jersey who is dedicated in the field and provides one to one attention to your child. This is something that helps a child to open up in a way which is not possible in a typical class room setting. There are many tutors who can bring out your child’s best where education and performance are concerned. The tutoring can be tailored to suit your child’s need and as per his or her learning abilities or the concern areas. There can be areas where a shy child may require special help and the tutoring system caters to that need in an effective way. There are many children who are by nature shy and hence they hesitate to open up in a typical classroom set up. They don’t raise their hands in the fear of getting ridiculed even if they have any issues or questions. These are issues that can be addressed effectively in home tutoring which will benefit the child not only in his or her academic career but also in the areas of personal growth and self-confidence.

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The author of this article is Chiranjit Roy who is a single parent of a ten year old child and is also a writer by profession. He advocates hiring of the Reading Tutor in New Jersey because he has benefited from the same in the case of his own child.