Building your own business involves several crucial decisions and easy fund access. Several innovative ideas only require a strong financial backing, which is where a business loan can help you.

The thought of availing a business loan leaves most people believing that they’d have to produce multiple documents, undergo arduous processes and put up collaterals. However, Bajaj Finserv is offering pre-approved business loans that offer great versatility and a suite of exciting features.

Want to know about the advantages of pre-approved business loans? Check out some of them below:

They’re pre-approved!

Based on your credit history, you can look for a pre-approved business loan offer, provided specially for you. You can easily check your pre-approved limit and find out what is your business loan eligibility too! There are several pre-approved offers that can help you get easy access to credit. Hence, you need not worry about finding the right financiers to finance your dream expansion or breathe life into your business goals.

Loan up to Rs. 30 Lakh

You can also look for loan up to Rs. 30 lakh with lower interest rates from time to time. This helps you have a steady access to funds, whenever you need. It comes as an added financial advantage to most entrepreneurs, who can look for easily accessible funds whenever they’d want.

Easy flexi-loan facility

With Bajaj Finserv pre-approved business loans, you can easily get flexi-loan facilities so that you can withdraw more money as per your requirement. It also enables you to manage your savings by paying just interest on the amount you’ve used. You can repay the principal once the tenor ends too.

Simplified business loans

Pre-approved business loans by Bajaj Finserv are simplified, and can help you in some of the following ways:

> Collateral free loans – There’s no need to put up collaterals or guarantors for sharing financial risk

> Easy account handling – You can get a single-view of your loan with statements and more details on the customer portal

> Minimal documentation – There is no need for producing multiple documents, as Bajaj Finserv business loans come with minimal documentation.

> Easy repayment facilities – Bajaj Finserv enables you to repay flexibly, on your terms.

> Flexible tenor – Pay as per your flexibility, and choose a tenor that suits your needs the best.

Pre-approved business loans can help you give the much-needed boost to your business, by magnifying your competitiveness and profitability. Make the most of these exciting features by Bajaj Finserv, and take your business to newer heights.

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