Now small businesses can have all the profits of a full-featured phone system like the ones big sized companies use; at an incredibly economical price. Huge savings on phone costs while you progress in customer satisfaction and employee productivity with new-age features such as voicemail-to-e-mail, cell phone integration, and call groups. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, Hosted PBX is a solution that brings an unmatched level of unfussiness, dependability, and cost-effectiveness to your company’s communication department.

The Perks of Voice over IP:

VoIP is quickly becoming customary for business communications. It provides a broader collection of features than conventional analog phone systems to perk up productivity, boost customer satisfaction, and convey exceptional business intelligence. Hosted PBX uses your current broadband connection to carry calls over the Internet to deliver superior voice quality and dependability. With Hosted PBX, the minor cost and robust features offered by VoIP can make a positive impact to your business’s expandability. Adding extensions down the road is swift and simple. In a matter of minutes, your company can expand to have room for growth.

What You Get from Virtual PBX provider:-


Irrespective of the size of your enterprise, with the modern, professional attributes of Hosted PBX you’ll project the image of a well-known, successful company. You’ll ensure each and every client call is answered in the most timely, proficient manner – with automatic detouring that you can easily change and sustain, without a technician.


IP PBX removes the urge to purchase and maintain costly phone systems. You get the big business profits of leading edge technology, upgraded as technology changes automatically, without the pain and expense of hiring technicians to work on it. In addition, Hosted PBX provides ongoing savings with unlimited local and long distance calling or flat rate pricing.


Hosted offers you a unique three-step customized setup starting with your sales assessment, and moving along to your account manager for training, and configuration. This tool of account manager will certainly guide you on your personal interface, and assist you configure the settings and attributes available within your account. Although the setup for Hosted PBX is designed to be plain and user-friendly, your account manager tool will be available to deal with any questions or problem that you may encounter along the way.


With Hosted PBX, calls can be routed anyplace, to any type of phone. Far-flung offices? Not a problem! Virtual organization? Not a problem! Your employees can function from the office, home, other work locations, or on the road without affecting sales or customer relationship. No need to buy extra space or worry about how many more extensions your tool will support before you need to improve.


No requirement to call the service provider’s technician and wait for him to make changes to the VoIP phone configuration. The easy to use Web tool to Hosted PBX providers lets you do it all yourself – in an instant. You can turn attributes on and off as you need them with a click of a button.


No need to purchase extra space or worry about how many more extensions your system will support before you need to improve the configuration. With virtual PBX, managing company escalation is drastically easier. You can begin with as few or as many extensions as you require. Then summing more extensions down the lane is easy, fast and simple. In a matter of few minutes, your enterprise can expand to have room for growth.

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Technology specialist at ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in PBX Systems for small and medium business enterprises. The Real PBX is a leading Hosted PBX Provider that manages the Business PBX Platform. Their Hosted PBX Systems deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office PBX VOIP system and more.