Banners have long been a foundation for trade shows, promotions, retail and restaurant signage and internal employee communications. Any situation that has potential customer passing by or congregating is a great opportunity to use a banner stand.

Double sided banner stands are a very effective style for a variety of situations. In essence a double sided banner provides twice the communication power as a single sided version, but certainly does not cost twice as much. Of course a double sided banner does not make sense in every situation. Here are the best uses for this model.

For a retail shop looking to draw in street traffic, a double sided banner is important. Whilst this may seem obvious it bears repeating. With any two-way pedestrian traffic, a double sided banner is a near requirement. Some retailers choose to put an identical message on each side of the graphic. This is fine depending on the situation, but it is also worth challenging oneself to see if something more creative can be used. Think about the pedestrian traffic and where someone might be heading, depending on the direction. For example one creative approach was used by a coffee shop near a tube stop. For those traveling to the station, the message highlighted the quick service, whilst for those traveling away from the stop the shop chose to highlight food and pastries. These small details can make a big impact on traffic, so think carefully about the messaging.

For indoor use a double sided banner can be used to provide directional assistance to various product locations. Again, this is a situation where the graphic may need to be different on each side. Also, many restaurants use double sided banners to promote menu items for those entering the restaurant, then one the other side to highlight future events and specials.

Double sided banners use the same high quality vinyl materials as other systems. The vinyl is an ideal medium for printing and any design or colors can be utilized. This is important as the banner needs to fit in well with the environment. Banners can include high-quality photography which is important to promoting products or menu items. One can design their own banner using the most basic computer programs or most manufactures offer design services. Many, like Twist banner stands, offer free design services as part of the purchase. This can be helpful for people with not a lot of experience in design or advertising.

For extra versatility one might consider a double sided banner with the ability to interchange graphics. This provides one with a flexible system that makes it more useful and cost effective. While a banner system doesn't have to be a huge expense, interchangeable graphic cartridges make updating messaging easy and one can get greater use out of the banner stand. A simple change out of the roller system takes only a few minutes.

So when considering banner systems, consider the potential uses of a double sided banner. Not only is this type almost a requirement for use in pedestrian traffic areas, but the different messaging options can make this type of banner even more relevant and effective. One can see Twist banner stands video online to see how others are effectively deploying these systems.

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