The digital transformation has made it inevitable for businesses to design and host their website to cater to the audience more efficiently.

The digital presence of the businesses is slowly and steadily turning to be the most powerful presence in the market. The website serves to be the face of the business and the customer interacts with the company through the website unlike traditional businesses wherein the customers had a real-time, personal and face-to-face shopping experience.

The website holds much significance and importance and hence the website design and development is an important consideration for the businesses.

There are many advantages to designing a good responsive website. They are:-

• Traffic
The traffic on the website is the most essential criteria to get more leads and conversions for a more successful business. The responsive website attracts more mobile traffic which is essentials to derive more sales. Businesses need to develop a responsive website that is easily adapted in smaller screens.

• Webpages
The webpages are loaded much faster in the responsive website design. The attention span of the audience in the digital era is extremely low and the website has to load within seconds to grab the attention of the audience.

• Conversion rates
The conversion rates are higher with the implementation of the responsive website designs. The audience is very impulsive and once they get engaged in a good responsive website, it is more likely to lead them to the final stages of conversions successfully.

A good responsive website aids in improving the SEO score of the website. SEO is the ultimate key to reach most of the target audience. The website will rank higher in the Google search engine result pages (SERPs) eventually with the aid of improved SEO that would deliver numerous benefits to the organization.

• Customer Experience
The online browsing experience of the visitor is enhanced by multiple folds with the responsive website design. This would eventually help the business to derive more value with good responsive website designs.

• Bounce Rates
The bounce rates are significantly lower in the responsive website designs and this means the effective returns can be achieved through the SEO activities.

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