Custom e-learning is a learning medium that incorporates authenticity and optimised designs that suit the demands as well as interests of learners. An e-learning module is developed over certain parameters that together ensure its efficiency and timely execution in all instances. Content developers divide e-learning material into modules that concentrate on the main topics and together cover the subject altogether. This creates the big difference between online and classroom training modules. While structuring e-learning these modules, instructional designers mainly focus over business perspectives and the objectives of the learner.

The companies engaged in offering such services deliver the perfect blend of on-time execution and affordable prices. Custom e-learning has multiple delivery channels that cater to the requirements of learners and corporate clients. These delivery channels include Learning Management System (LMS), Instructor-led Trainings (ILTs), Assessments, Webinars, WBTs, CBTs, manuals, blended learning, mobile learning content and customised engine development for testing, evaluation and assessment. Among these, the important custom e-learning delivery channels are WBT, CBT and ILT.

The main features of WBT are as follows:

WBT provides learning material to both in-house requirements as well as business clients. With this feature, this medium of disseminating content has added has gained considerable importance in the e-learning industry
WBT incorporates operations like games, interactive multimedia instructional content, reinforcements, simulations and quizzes

The characteristics of CBT are mentioned below:

CBT provides instructional content to its learners, which is supported by high quality audio and video. This feature of CBT transforms makes the learning experience interesting and captivating without any limitations of Internet bandwidth
The content of CBT is developed after undergoing high-fidelity simulations. This added feature helps learners apply these techniques in many real-life circumstances

Attributes of ILT are described below:

ILT combines the advantages of e-learning and tutor-led trainings
The content of ILT is developed after accurate analysis of instructional designers and expert professionals. They ensure that the content should be precisely developed in effective and simple language as per the demands of the consumer
It also provides additional support and reference material to its learners

Owing to advancements and wide application area, most of the individuals as well as corporate clients have started availing these services. With constant growth in e-learning development, these services are widely demanded in many industries, such as retail services, education and training, IT and ITES, Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) and life sciences.

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