Royal Enfield a company which came into the country some time back in past, and now which holds a very import position when every we talk about some of the best automobiles companies in the country has now came with a brand new product of there's which is known as royal Enfield Electra 5s. And today we are here so that we can discuses some of very basic facts related to this product in the market, also we will be discussing that why it is quite a risk to purchase a product of this company.

Starting with the features first, if we talk about the looks of this product which is named as Royal Enfield Electra 5 s we can easily say that this is a product which holds the capability to automatically stands out of the crowd, as repeating the history of the company this product is also coming with some of the best look with it self which can be defined as very muscular and full of energy also to add in the list of good you can find this product in four different color which are silver ash, riviera red, jet black and amazon blue.

A 4-stroke single cylinder 350cc engine which generates 18bhp @5000 rpm and also achieves a peak torque of 32 Nm at the rate of 3000 rpm can be found in this bike from the company, but this is not all yet as you can also find a 5-speed gear on right hand side of the bike, a gas-filled shock absorbers, a digital TCI (Transistor Coil Ignition) for better take offs and a leg brake on the left side of this royal Enfield bike.

Though the mileage range of this bike is not at much as it provides only 30-40 kilo meters per litter that too at a highest speed of 110 kilometer per hours, but it also largely depends on the rider that how he drives and take care of this bike.

Now moving on to the next part of our conversation, which is related to the disadvantages of buying a Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twin spark or a Royal Enfield Classic Chrome.

As per the reviews received from the various users of the company's products we have came to the conclusion that, the products which are there in the market from there manufacturing house of 'royal Enfield' are not as reliable as compare to the other company bikes in the market, also the warranty they are offering is way far less as compared to others (as they provide the same kilo meter wise). All in all we can say that once you have purchased the bike,the company is no more responsible for there product.

'lower millage issues' we all know that the various products which are there in the market from the company like Royal Enfield Classic Chrome or Royal Enfield Classic 500 provides a much lower average, which means they are not a better option if you are planing to go on a long trip in Ural area, as there are chances that you might not find a petrol pump at the place.

There is no doubt that there are many more in the list but because of the lack of space we have to finish our conversation here it self, but if your looking for more information related to various Royal Enfield bikes in the market then you don’t have to worry at all as with the help from various online shopping websites in India you can have the same without any delay.

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