Gone are the days when optimization of any site was only done after it has been completely designed and developed. Adoption of this kind of mechanism used to cause a lot of delay. The delay in promotional results used to give a leading edge to other competitors. However, introduction of advanced tools and technologies has made it possible that simultaneous designing, developing and optimization of any website can now take place.

Adoption of such mechanism has lots of benefits. All three departments i.e. design, development and optimization has to work hands in hands so that they can come up with best solution which could start ranking in the first page of the search engines from the day of its inception. However not every organization have this ability to deliver SEO website development. So it is very important that one should be careful in selecting organization who are competent enough to deliver SEO website development services.

A search engine employs a host of algorithms to rank websites. Optimizing any website during its development phase helps SEO experts in doing things which are otherwise not possible when the site has been built. Although SEO expert alone can't do much to make the site rank at the first page of any search. Here we are providing some key areas, putting emphasis on which will surely help in getting best results:-

Keyword: - Keywords are those words which are put in search engines to find out any particular information. It is through this using which any website can make its customers reach to them. So Keyword research is a vital part of any SEO website development process. That's why a lot of time and energy is spent on finding appropriate keywords.

Content: - Content of the website is vital for any website for getting good rank. Apart from getting evaluated by the search engines crawlers, the content is very important to target probable customers. It is used to make visitors aware about the services or products that the owner of any website has to offer. Content should be well written, free from any grammatical error, and original. If there is issue in any of these three parameters then the crawler are surely going to find it and penalties will be issued.

To make sure that SEO website development delivers best result, importance should also be given to make the design of the website sturdy and the overall look attractive and functional. Proper SEO techniques will help any website get the top rank and will boost the number of visitors visiting the website. However, if the website is not informative and attractive it won't be of much use. That's why much importance should also be given to make the website as attractive as possible.

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