In last two decades, the system of distance education has gained popularity among students and people who wish to study further without joining any school or college. The distance education course gives you a facility of learning beyond boundaries. In recent years many universities and educational institutes provide a facility of online distance education. Hence, the technology moved a step ahead and released you from the trouble of keeping books, relying on post for getting books, etc. Everything is available with few clicks, and that is too within a minute. However, every coin has two sides and so the system of distance education. We all know distance education course provide us great flexibility in pursuing our career goals, but it will help only when you follow some rules strictly. So let’s have some brief look at pros, cons and rules of distance learning.

Time and geography flexibility is the major advantage we get through online distance education. No matter where you are or what time the clock is showing, open your laptop and start studying. People who are working or physically challenged find it very easy to study in this way. Online distance education is also an economical. The fees or regular college and distance education won’t show you much difference, but you save on traveling, stationary, and of course, the unnecessary treats and gifts which are unavoidable in college campus. Professors of distance education course are often available on one to one basis and as interaction is online students feel more comfortable and open with professors. Learn while you earn this cliché has been fulfilled in a true manner by this system. There are millions of students who are supporting their families, themselves financially without sacrificing the career or education. The sense of independence makes you feel proud when you don’t need to ask your parents to pay your fees.

As I said earlier every coin has two sides. The system of distance education has some flaw in it. Due to extreme flexibility of time the student often delays their studies, and it takes months to finish the course. In the absence of classroom environment studying dedicatedly is difficult. Be it a home, office, library, or garden, there are numbers of element that distract students. In online distance education submitting projects, interacting professors or students, getting feedback is all depend on the internet. Many times the network chaos and slow speed of net becomes a hurdle in interaction. Missing is the joy of campus is one of the major drawbacks in distance education. Being away from campus you miss many events, parties and of course friends. In a last decade, there are numbers of institutes providing online distance education in different subjects, and few of them are fraud. People spend hundreds of dollars in getting a worthless degree from these fraud varsities.

However, only because it has some flaw doesn’t mean that you should not opt distance learning. It is the best way to study if you follow some rules such as making strict time table for study, studying in library or study room, and checking credibility of university and course offered by it before paying fees. Last but not the least if you are self-motivated person distance education can help you to achieve your career goals in a better way.

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