As the old saying goes “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”. This also holds true simply by looking at the things as well as the stuff that we are using every day. In designing a brand new your home or redesigning a current one, one can not deny the joy of selecting or even remodeling furniture especially a cabinet, a drawer or a door. For some it is a lot like shopping, determining the best combination and accents for the components to match the main concept of the pad.

The main accessories for a cabinet, drawer or door would be the knobs. Presently, knobs are available in different types, functions and sizes to match every single imaginable furniture design. However the most important purpose of the knob is its function. Before laying an eye on that intricate designed knob in your specialty hardware store, you should first identify the function of the furniture. Check out the functions of your furniture first and asses in case the knobs you had in your mind can sustain through the upcoming wear and tear. Here are several forms of knobs which will help you in your quest:

The typical knobs:

• Brass knobs. These kinds of knobs are usually used by Victorian inspired furniture and doors. They are really great for light to medium load usage.

• Aluminum knobs. These are generally an excellent accent for any chrome / steel themed drawers and cabinets. This kind of material is perfect for the kitchen or maybe the bathroom given that aluminum will not rust.

• Plastic knobs. These are normally colorful knobs that come with a huge selection of designs out there, may it be animal shaped or in alphabet letters. Most of these knobs are virtually suitable to all furniture in the house since plastic are not going to rust and can quickly be wiped using a piece of damp cloth.

• Wooden knobs. These are knobs that are best used in the office, bedroom or study room. Stay away from this on areas of your home that may be constantly wet or damp for example the bathroom or the kitchen.

• Crystal or Glass knobs. This is a new member within the family of knobs. Lately the costs of blown cast glass has significantly dropped caused by modernization in the craft of glass making, that's why creating method to very reasonably priced glass knobs. These types of knobs present a delicate and stylish look with your furniture or bathroom door. These types of knobs also compliment the Victorian inspired furniture. Yet be warned that the function of the furniture using this really should simply be carrying light loads to prevent the knob from breaking as a result of pressure.

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