What is VLSI?

VLSI is an acronym for Very Large Scale Integration. It is the technology that makes most of the modern gadgets we use a reality. If you have ever wondered why the gadgets that we use are smaller than the older ones, the answer is because of the development in the VLSI field of engineering. VLSI design is a branch of semiconductor design and by extension a branch of semiconductor electronics. The VLSI design is essentially combining millions of small Metal Oxide semiconductor devices (MOS) transistors onto a single chip called the IC (Integrated Chip). This chip is what is present in all of our mobile phones, computers, smart TVs, and so on. This is why taking a VLSI Training Bangalore course will help you greatly in reaching new heights in your career.

The VLSI technology is extensively used in fields like telecom to increase the data rates of the mobile phone networks as well as build efficient networking devices like routers and switches. The knowledge of the fabrication of the ICs right from the substrate level and pmos and nmos layers is essential if you are looking to get a job in this sector.

Why is VLSI Training required?
Though VLSI is a very large branch of engineering, there are not a lot of people with enough talent in this field, and that is why companies are looking for people who have completed some kind of VLSI Training Bangalore course. This course that is exclusively conducted by Ampere VLSI academy will help students become hireable by upgrading their resumes with a technology that is much required in today's' world.

What is better than leaning a course that is in demand by huge multinational companies like Intel and Broadcom and so on! That is why you must take this VLSI course if you feel that you lack the skills in VLSI to get a job in the sector.

Moreover, knowledge in the VLSI sector is considered very niche, and the salaries that companies pay for people with this knowledge is much higher than what they pay software engineers in regular companies.

Who can take the VLSI Training Bangalore course?
Anyone with an engineering degree related to electronics and who is interested and has a passion for learning more about the VLSI technology can take up this course. The person should also know at least basic programming in c or c++ programming languages. There may also be a written test to ascertain if you have the skills that are necessary to take up this course with Ampere VLSI academy. Our aim is to teach everyone that wants to learn, but because we want to maintain small class sizes for highest efficiency, we take in students in small batches.

What are some of the salient features of the VLSI Training Bangalore course at Ampere VLSI?

• Highly specialised course material:
The courses conducted in Ampere VLSI have been designed by some of the top experts in the VLSI Industry. Because of this, you will have the assurance that you are learning exactly what the industry is looking for.

• Internship Assurance:
The top candidates from each batch of students will be offered a unique opportunity to get a paid internship from a top VLSI company for upto 6 months.

• Placement Assistance:
Ampere VLSI academy is in touch with several top companies in the VLSI field who recruit directly from students enrolled in our VLSI Training Bangalore course.

• Scholarships for ranked students:
The top students from each batch will also get a monthly stipend from Ampere VLSI academy based on their performance in the written tests and interviews.

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