Did you know that research shows it takes an average of 66 days to establish a new habit?


Keep in mind, though, that’s just an average - some habits can be developed in as little as 17 days and some require 250 days to get firmly in place!


Now, it just makes sense to get a new habit set up as quickly as possible. As soon as a new behavior becomes automatic – becomes a habit - then we reap all the benefits - it saves us time and emotional energy and delivers the specific result we wanted from the habit!


Use your natural processing style to set up new habits


What is natural processing style? Simply put, it’s my term for the way we make sense of the world! The entire way you think, react, decide, wonder, question, what you pay attention to and why… and more – this is your natural processing style.


And your natural processing style is one of the few absolutely crucial factors to take into account when making changes! You need to be aware of what you take notice of, what makes things easier and what makes things harder, what is a great idea to try and what probably isn’t so great.  You need to know YOU.


Natural processing style in action – forming a brand new habit!


Let’s say that I wanted to add into my nightly routine a new practice of writing in a gratitude journal.


Now I know myself, so I would definitely need to purchase a pretty journal (that’s how I roll). And then I’d personalize it with pictures, or stickers, or an inspirational bookmark. It would need to appeal to the 8 year old girl in me (yes, really…I’m serious)!


You see, I know what works for me and what is just “so so, who cares”! And I use that to my advantage – it’s my secret sauce!


I’d use my colored pens to write in the journal, since that would make using the journal more fun. At first the new habit has to be FUN ‘cause if it isn’t fun, the habit has been “fired” before its first day on the job!


Also, I’d need to think about setting up a cue – something to get me to remember to write in the journal.


Again, I’d think about my secret sauce! Since it’s a pretty journal, I’ll be more likely to display it, so I’d put it in a prominent place where I could easily see it and get triggered to write in it. I’d put a pretty pen with it too!


Time of day is a very powerful cue, so I’d ask myself when I would be most likely to be ready, willing and able to write in the journal. For me, that would be after taking my nightly shower.


This is perfect! When our bodies relax in the warm water and rhythmic movement of a bath or shower, it automatically triggers our mind to let go of worries. PERFECT time to think about what I’m grateful for!


This sounds like a great recipe for success!


But, I’ll need to be sure I actually see the pretty journal before I take a shower, or it won’t even be in my mind to be grateful when I jump into the shower. So I’m going to put the journal on the stand right next to the closet so that I’ll see it when I’m getting undressed.


Now I’ve used my intimate knowledge of the way I process the world to increase the odds that something I really want to add to my nightly routine will actually stick and become second nature to me – enhancing my life for years to come!


Ask yourself this question…


“What one habit can I put in place today to make my life more majestic?”


You will have more success if you pick a habit that will take only two or three weeks for you to firmly establish. Resist the temptation to create a grandiose scheme with lots of bells and whistles!


Don’t go for the “hard to reach” habits, go for the “low hanging fruit.” Doing so will increase your self-efficacy and start a snowball effect that empowers you to set up one new habit after another until you’ve remade your life to your liking!


To recap, the keys are –


  • think about how the new habit can easily fit in with things you’re already doing, and
  • observe some of the routines and habits you already have established for clues about the way you’re performing them – get to know your natural processing style!


♦ If you want more help on uncovering your natural processing style –


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