The secret to relieving your grownup stress, limiting nervousness, and feeling happier may be easy--by employing a few childhood pastimes. Trends indicate that among our greatest and simplest fun - coloring - became a sudden and fast growing interest for adults.

There are so many types of adult coloring books from mandalas to cheeky ones that contain adult topics. There are ones for all types of interests, and some with new challenges, such as greyscale.

With the increasing demand, business for adult coloring pages, books, and equipment is on the rise. Many bestselling books on Amazon are now adult coloring books. Instead of a fad, the surge in interest for grownup coloring shows a strong acceptance of how valuable and enjoyable this hobby could be for adults across the board.

For several years, scientists have discovered the benefits of art associated businesses as they relate to treatment for anxious and distressed people. Today, coloring an elaborate layout or an inspirational message could act as a soothing and curative release.

Neuropsychologist Dr. Stan Rodski and brain researcher Dr. Joel Pearson both agree. Rodski shares his conviction that coloring for adults can promote a relaxed state as the colorist focuses attention on the detail and complexity of an image.

Pearson explains that the curative effect could be further understood by considering that your image they are coloring replaces any negative ones that they may be harboring. The straightforward action of creatively coloring acts as a release of the daily stresses and worries someone faces.

What's more, individuals having trouble focusing are frequently experiencing this challenge due to an overly stressed mind and tangled thought patterns. By taking out time to color, the same person can encourage mental clarity and focus.

Materials you should use differ according to your moods and needs. I recommend felt-tip markers for busy adults who want to take their coloring with them. You should use water-soluble ones to avoid stains and inhaling marker odor from alcohol- or solvent-based ones.

Markers cover areas quickly and give really bright colors. Always put a sheet of cardboard or card stock under your page to keep markers from leaking onto the next page. Books that have a blank backside page are more practical.

I like to layer colored pencils on top of markers for beautiful effects. Using pencils from start to finish is challenging and best for those who have a lot of time and patience. You must keep your pencils sharp and focus on smoothly layering colors. It is a wonderful look if you have the patience.

Watercolors are best if you have high-quality paper in your coloring book. Or you can take out the page, scan, and print onto watercolor paper specially made for printers. Otherwise, you may find the paint pools up. Aquarelle pencils do better in this respect.

Any media is good, crayons, markers, or gel pens. Try some glitter for added fun. You can express any mood you wish. The popularity of adult coloring shows no sign of abating.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Robbins is an artist and teacher.