The PPC industry has come a long way. It is extremely competitive, especially if you operate in a competitive niche. If you are looking for an efficient and easy way to track money-making ads, you need to give AdSpy a try. It does not matter whether you have any knowledge of the tool or not as this review will provide you with all the information you need to decide if you should use it.

What Is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a professional advertisement spy tool as the name suggests. It allows advertisers to be innovative. Advertisers from across the globe use it to achieve growth. Although there are many advertisement spying tools in the market, it can be difficult to find one which is perfect for your needs. AdSpy has become incredibly popular in recent times. It provides you with several unique features which you can utilize to take your money-making ads to the next level.

When you use AdSpy, you will quickly realize that it provides infinite possibility. You can find new ads, incorporate their success, and modify them based on your requirements. Whether you have a lead gen business, drop shipping store, or a digital marketing agency, AdSpy is here to help you out.

AdSpy Features

The most important thing that needs to be considered when looking at an advertisement spy tool is the features it offers. With AdSpy, you get to take advantage of the following features.

1. Enhanced Basic Search

Enhanced basic search is one of the most useful features. It provides broad functionality and much more. You can use it to search for text in the ad, the type of media used, total number of likes, the advertiser’s name, and more. It uses clever filters to help you learn about the longest running ad, the way users react, and when the ad was last seen.

2. Search through Comments

Search for the ad by utilizing the search feature. It allows you to monitor comments, search for important keywords, track your products and competitors, and verify the feedback of ads.

3. Accurate Demographics

AdSpy aims to provide users with all the information about their demographics. Review an ad and find out about the age range, gender, location, and more.

4. Calling Affiliates

Find ads that have an affiliate network using AdSpy. You can also search for affiliates. Use the Offer ID to see how competitors are promoting their ads.

Price of AdSpy

AdSpy is a unique tool that is packed with features. Gain information about your competitors and more by giving it a try. Besides, it is not as expensive as other tools in the market. For unlimited usage, you only need to spend $149 a month. The best thing is you can use Adspy free trial first then if you like it then go for the subscription.


AdSpy is the perfect tool that you need if you want to take your advertising to the next level. Subscribe to the paid plan and take advantage of the numerous features available for users. It is your answer to money-making ads tracking and more. You will not regret using it.

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