Developed and crafted to enhance vigilance, increase alertness, improve memory and benefit cognitive function, Adrafinil is a stimulant drug belonging to the family of the drugs termed as eugeroics in Greek meaning good arousal in English. This mind power drug was first created by Lafon laboratories, a French pharmaceutical company.

Since its inception and owing to its mind awakening properties the drug is widely used to treat narcolepsy, a sleep disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness during the day time in many individuals. Adrafinil acts on the mind by stimulating the neurotransmitters, thereby producing an energizing and refreshing effect which enables you to carry out our day to day activities with enthusiasm and motivation.

Adrafinil not only sharpens cognitive attention but also brighten up your sprits by providing the required stimulation and drive you need to remain active, energetic and effective in all your performances. The demanding and hectic lifestyles of today lead to a great number of people suffering from fatigue, mental exhaustion and a general lack of interest to perform daily activities. If prolonged, these feelings can further lead to a state of depression in an individual.

Adrafinil Dosage works by rousing the noradrenergic post-synaptic receptors, encouraging glutamatergic transmission, and activating the attention increasing orexinergic neurons, thereby leading to rise in energy levels, increase in drive, better recall and finally an overall brightening of the mood and spirit.

No doubt a cup of steaming black coffee works great to awaken up your spirits, but the effect is temporary and habit forming. Soon no matter how much amount of caffeine you put into your system or how much coffee you drink, you can’t battle the drowsiness for a long time. Adrafinil on the other hand produces long lasting awakening results and what more it stimulates on the exact areas where stimulation is required without interfering with other processes of the brain.

So if you are looking for some wonder drug to awaken your mind and brighten up your mood, Adrafinil is the best solution as it is not only effective but safe as well. The drug works wonders if taken in recommended doses under the supervision of a doctor. The recommended dose is one or two 300mg tablets twice a day. However, long term use of this medicine is a little conspicuous, so if you plan to take this medicine for a long period of time it is advisable to a get a liver test before.

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