Dear Women, Dear Men,
My Prayer Today:
Adore your Precious Feminine and Masculine Nature/Attributes…
Feminine ~ Masculine are NOT in competition with each other!
Having navigated an ancient tension in the connection between Masculine energy and Feminine energy, both within and without, we are here, now, awakening the real and active possibility for a New Co-Creation.

Tension, conflict, contraction and crisis precede Transformation and an emerging New Story/Vision/Blueprint. The New Story that wants/needs to emerge through this ancient conflict is that of a New Story of Love. How would it look like to live in a world where both Masculine/Feminine/Men/Women live in total respect, Love, appreciation, acceptance, inspiration, support and reverence for each other? Men being fully in alignment with their masculine, as well, as their feminine attributes and qualities, while women being fully aligned with their feminine, as well as, their masculine qualities. Recognizing that the solution is in the fullness of both, that both are intrinsic qualities that go beyond gender distinction to embrace the sacredness integral to both.

Having navigated this tension consciously and from an evolutionary prospective, in my own life, as well as, in the life of those I have been supporting through my work, I can see clearly now we, both men and women, have some deep, crucial and necessary growth to experience.

Done are the days when we look at the “Other” with anger, resentment, judgment and as villains. Done are the days when we show up with the “Other” from a place of victimization and powerlessness.

Most of us are waking up from our “story” of suffering, loss and pain: the collective Men/Women story that has kept us hostage to that victim consciousness.

I have realized in my own life experience that “my story” can only benefit me if I use it as a way to help myself transform my victim consciousness and grow/awaken to the truth of who I truly am…I was…will be…simply who I AM outside of the story of limitation…my True and Unique Self!

Taking radical self-responsibility in in-powering ourselves by healing and transforming what in us (erroneous beliefs, patterns, actions) needs evolving. This way, we become the leaders and architects of the new emerging in-powered consciousness.

One of the factors contributing to the conflict in the relationship between men and women has been the covert expectation that the “Other” has to offer us what was taken away from us, or never given, that has caused us so much pain. There is an emptiness within the human heart, caused by the un-fulfillment of our needs, dreams and expectations, due to the lack of conscious awareness of our care givers, culture/religion.

Also, when we are young, we learn from observing our primary caregivers in relation with each other. How our father related to our mother and vice versa, say a lot about what our thoughts/beliefs are about the opposite gender.

As a child, I loved my father very much, and I knew deep inside he loved me, too. Yet, when I observed how he regarded my mother, I came to certain conclusions…from my young mind, which, later on in life, became obstacles to my relation with men. The little girl within me came to the conclusion that if my father could be this un-loving and destructive towards my mother, it must be due to a lack of love towards me. My primary matrix of belief became “I am not lovable!”

Now, I know this is so far from the Truth! I Am an Evolutionary woman of Love and I Am here to help co-create the new emerging paradigm…of Love for All of humanity! Through the deep Transformative Feminine Power work I have undertaken in the last 8 years, I have Transformed this Matrix of belief! Now, I am powerfully supporting other women Transforming their self-sabotaging beliefs.

My father was a good, generous and intelligent man…who had been wounded himself and his actions were based on what he learned and how that effected/influenced him. I have completed all my Karma with my father, I have, not only forgiven him, but I have found the pure and unadulterated love I had for him as a child.

The conclusion I came to, when I was a child as I tried to make meaning of the difficult experiences I found myself having, was “I am not lovable…enough” albeit totally untrue, it did become the subconscious Modus Operandi in my relationships with men. As a young woman, and as a maturing woman, I entered a relationship with the expectation that the man would have to be the one (abdicating both my self-responsibility and power to him) to change this ‘condition’ within me by loving me unconditionally as a proof (to me) for how “lovable” I was.

As I grew /evolved more and more, my maturity, wisdom, self-love and greater understanding, brought me to the deep knowing (now I help other women do this) that no one can do this for me as I have to do it for mySelf…first and foremost!

I Am the One I have been so patiently, and some times, impatiently, waiting for!

YOU are the One you have been waiting for!

As we learn to accept and love our precious Self unconditionally (especially what we don’t like), we create the blueprint that will help us attract it in our life…we know how to recognize the Other that can Love us the way we want to be loved, because we have discovered this by loving ourselves first. What we want to create in our life, we need to discover it and live it from within first!

Several years after the loss of my beloved son, I felt ready to ‘attract’ the One because I learned to Love mySelf deeply and…Audaciously! It only took a short while before my Beloved/Love of my Soul (who went through the same process before he met me) came into my life. We are co-creating a most magnificent Love/relationship together.

I Am an Evolving Woman of Love! This is my truth, my power, my beauty and my contribution. As I ‘see’ this in mySelf, I can, naturally, extend this vision and knowing to others and the world.

As I learn, practice and embody loving myself, I heal, Transform and Evolve. As I love mySelf, all of mySelf, especially the parts/attributes I don’t like or are dis-empowering, I discovery my Potential/ Great/Genius and Love-Self.

Learning and practicing Healing/Transforming ourselves will, simultaneously, evolve us because to heal we need to open and set free the qualities/attributes that are our power, our freedom and our Love at a Core level. We start to identify with the part that is Evolving and recognize this deeper, infinite Self that is connected and is a part of All That Is!

Let’s liberate ourselves from the limitations of gender-identity imposed on our Unique, Glorious, Self!

Medea Bavarella Chechik ❤️

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Best Selling Author of “Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open”
Feminine Power Coach
Transformative Therapist
WeEvolve TV™ Host
Relationships Expert