Most people won’t even think about adopting a senior dog, when it comes to adopting a dog, young puppies are what everyone wants; they are so cute, right?

However, most people don’t realize that puppies are much more work than what anyone can imagine and truth be told unruly and energetic puppies aren’t for everyone.
On the other hand, if you ask people what they look for in a dog, they would say they are looking for a cute, well behaved, calm and loving dog, that doesn’t require huge amounts of energy to care for because they already have very busy lives and not much energy to spare, but they still would like to have a dog as a part of their family.

Well… the answer is simple, think outside the box, look beyond the highly adoptable pups, and consider adopting a senior dog, they are the most incredibly loving, laid back and appreciative dogs you can find.

Adopting a homeless dog is an amazing act of compassion and a highly rewarding experience; nevertheless, adopting an old dog and giving this dog a chance to live his last years in the comfort of a loving home is priceless.

If you can look pass the fact that your old friend will only be with you for a few years and might need some extra tender loving care, you will soon find out that old dogs rule, and here is why…

They are really easy to train, most senior dogs are already housetrained, don’t need great amounts of vigorous exercise and typical behavior problems like separation anxiety, and excessive barking, leash pulling and destructive behaviors are rare.

When it comes to health care, senior dogs need good nutrition, mild exercise, a warm and comfortable place to rest; regular visits to the vet and love.

And the best thing about old dogs is their easygoing temperament, wise old dogs are not troublemakers, they just love to be close to their people and enjoy life at an easy and gentle pace.

So… don’t hesitate to give yourself the wonderful opportunity to brighten the last years of an old dog, you will not regret it as your old dog will constantly remind you of how grateful he is for having you in his life…

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