Do you know adopting a puppy significant improves your life?

Yes, that's true.

Here's how :

A Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology confirms that pet owners exhibit stronger self-esteem and are more extroverted and less fearful than people who don’t own pets.

Puppy or Dog owners have lower cholesterol, fewer heart problems, and lower blood pressure and all these factors can contribute to better health. The American Heart Association has said that the ownership of dogs can lead to a reduced risk for heart disease and greater longevity.

The embrace of a puppy can bring comfort in stressful situation, making them great to have around.

Puppies or Dogs improves social life as well.If you go out with your dog you may meet new people who share an interest in dogs, and social health can lead to a well balanced life.

A study done by University of Virginia has found that owning a puppy or dog can promote a more active lifestyle, which can lower obesity.

Dogs and puppies can understand human feelings and emotions, and it is believed that they also can help those with depression and anxiety. A dog is a companion who offers unconditional love. This can make one feel not alone, resulting in a better mood.

Owning a dog or puppy takes work, responsibility, and care, but the love and benefits you get return can be well worth it.

So, get one for yourself and make a better life for yourself and the adopted one..

'Chews a Puppy' is one such non-profit organization which helps you adopt a puppy. You may visit their website at

Author's Bio: 

Matt Wilson is a Technology Enthusiast, a motivational speaker, a pet lover and a proud father.