The marketing software Giant Adobe announced its collaboration with e-commerce giant Amazon to accelerate the growth of third-party merchants associated with

The aim of this tie-up is to allow merchants to build their own Magento Commerce Branded Store/website powered by the same tools they were using earlier to run their Amazon Business. The new store will be equipped with the ‘’ merchant tools like Amazon Pay & fulfillment by Amazon to provide the similar convenience of secure payments and shipping services to the digital shoppers as they were getting earlier. This will allow the merchants to grow their business and manage their web presence at their own storefront as well.

The Magento Commerce will facilitate the new storefronts to experience increased conversion rates, faster page load speed, one-click checkout process, and ability to boost sales on peak shopping season like Cyber Monday, etc..

A smart move of Adobe
This is considerably big news in the e-commerce market. Adobe is looking forward to acquiring market share in the SME sector. When Adobe acquired Magento, the small companies using Magento Development and marketplace solutions have a fear that Adobe will continue its focus on its existing base of large enterprise customers. But this big announcement of the tie-up between the Amazon and Adobe proved that Adobe is focusing to expand the Magento Commerce platform reach and usage for small and mid-sized businesses.

This tie-up will facilitate smaller merchants to build and expand their D2C channel, while Amazon providing the payment and fulfillment infrastructure, the data will be put directly through Amazon servers.

Also, Magento now consolidates directly into Amazon. This allows the merchants to manage their Amazon product selling by accessing Magento Admin tools. The sales channel, inventory control, and management, pricing strategies, can be easily managed by the merchants.

The rise in Stock Price
This news rose the stock prices of both companies. This new offering is available for Amazon Sellers of North America. In the coming months, it will extend to the sellers of Europe.

The day this news was launched, the stock prices of Adobe rose by 1.6% to 271.86. Amazon’s stock price increased by 1% to 1,840.12.

Good News for Small Retailers
Many small retailers will start using the Amazon platform to build and grow their e-commerce business, and exhibit their products to a wide audience. This vast reachability would not be possible for them through their own e-commerce website, and without Amazon’s support platform.

The new Amazon sellers will get the advantage of secured payment and Fulfilled by Amazon services. They can easily access the dropshipping system with minimum efforts.

With Magento Commerce, the Amazon-branded stores can get the operational storefront in very less time. The Amazon sellers can access to a pool of over 300,000 expert Magento developers and over 4,600 e-commerce extensions on the Magento Marketplace. The merchants can also keep a close watch on data analytics and take actions to boost conversion rates.

The retailers can automatically manage their inventory on Amazon directly from the Magento backend. They can manage multiple brands on Amazon with multiple Amazon accounts, get access to Amazon’s product data, set pricing strategies for Amazon sales channel too.

These two massive businesses- Adobe & Amazon will take the Amazon-branded stores to the next level in the e-commerce industry.

The partnership between the two Market giants: Adobe and Amazon have offered the Amazon sellers to manage their own storefront and build web identity across The Amazon sellers can manage their own Magento Store while accessing the Amazon merchant tools like Amazon Pay and FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon,) to facilitate secure payment feature and fast shipping services to their customers. This tie-up will accelerate the growth of third-party merchants. With Magento Development services, the Amazon-branded stores can easily integrate their product catalog with their storefront and manage the listings, inventory, and pricing strategy right straight from their Magento Backend/ Admin Panel.

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