It's simple, repeat this affirmation: "I will incorporate the concept of behavioral characteristics and let it simply lead me to success."

The concept of behavioral characteristics will lead one to success by them understanding when to adjust, but more importantly; How?. Everyone, everyday adapts to all obstacles and situations in their daily routines. Learning when and when not to be aggressive, for example would be ideal in the business world as well as throughout life as a whole. One would not want to be overly aggressive all of the times, and that is what the concept teaches you. For example, take our present economic state; a state official would not want to be too aggressive and intimidate congress at such a sensitive and emotional time for everyone if he or she were about to present a state busdget explaining their needs for a seven hundred billion dollar plan. Yet, at the same time, in its urgency, one might argue that I should definetely be overly aggressive to get my point across that it is beneficial that I get the state budget plan passed. This is what the concept of behavioral characteristics teaches us. The concept teaches us that overall aggressive or passive is not suitable in every occasion and it guides you on how to understand why people behave certain ways as well as allow each individual to use the same chjaracteristics to differentiate, compare, analyze, and finnaly understand. This understanding would be essential in any case through life.

By me knowing when to push and pull back certain behaviors, I can control the actions of others in a beneficial and honest way as well. I say honest because I understand why others behave the way they do.

I will also incorporate the concept of behavioral characteristics in my everyday routine
goal setting. My confidence will overpower my goals and accuse me to set goals faster and more efficient, which is much needed in the business world. By me demonstrating tactics to counter the negative behaviors of others and myself, I will definitely continuously learn new steps and behaviors that I never knew. The concept of behavioral characteristics will reawaken my confidence as well as the need to succeed. I will be equipped to lead myself first, and then others into the inevitable because my foundation will be built on physcological techniques like knowing and understanding others and when to be assertive in my ajusting to their adaptations as well.

The concept of behavioral characteristics would definitely benefit my life because
without it, I would not be able to have the confidence as well as the know-how in the workplace as well as at home. At home, one can learn the attitudes and behaviors of their family and help them also adjust accordingly in their everyday routine towards success. In the workplace, this concept is great because it points out the different behaviors of clients or coworkers and allows an organization to challenge themselves. It can be deemed as an everyday challenge to understand others as well as yourself.

I feel that situational behavior is ideal because it allows for one to adapt, the same way we adapt in our everyday behaviors, but in understanding a specific characteristic, one can further themselves personally and through others. A technique that I would like to bring to the table is one of “Machiavellianism”. This behavioral characteristic uses deceit and the types of individuals fit for this technique are mainly good in situations where structure is loose and needs to be reestablished. For example, one would use deceit in a business with inventory, but no storefront, advertising, or clientele. In this case, it would be deceitful to attract the public to a employees backyard and present it ass the business space and a week later, someplace else, but it is a tactic. L

Behavioral Change is always important because it can always be beneficial. Change does not necessarily mean opposing you current thoughts or behaviors totally. Change is an everlasting goal. Change teaches one the faults of their prior attitudes and molds them positively in the right direction The concept of behavioral characteristics teaches me how to always be ready to change in the face of success. Learning these characteristic really kick starts you engine when it is time to step up and make decisions that will influence all around you. Understanding why a employee or coworker is so definitive can lead you to realize that he or she is task oriented. The knowledge leaned by distinguishing the behaviors and the reasons that structure those behaviors can evolve
one into a matador of all obstacles throughout life.

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