Adjustable beds are no longer made exclusively for hospital rooms. In fact, they have traversed to residential bedrooms today. A few mattress companies sell adjustable beds, with prices varying from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

Although an adjustable bed might help ease or tone down your back pain, they are not suitable for everyone. So, how can you know if an adjustable bed is right for you and if it meets your needs?

For a little help, we’ve covered some of the important things you need to know if an adjustable bed is worth your money and time.

Does A Reclined Position Make You Feel Better?

Generally, people who sleep in a reclined position find relief from back pain, and thus, can benefit most from an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds might be particularly favorable if you suffer from the following health conditions:

● Osteoarthritis: Sleeping in a reclined position can lower the risk of suffering from osteoarthritis by reducing joint compression in the spine.

● Degenerative Spondylolisthesis: Sleeping in a reclined position can ease lower back pain due to degenerative spondylolisthesis.

● Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: An adjustable bed can be an excellent pain-relief option as leaning forward can soothe spinal stenosis symptoms.

What’s more, you might want to consider buying an adjustable bed if you are soon scheduled for back surgery. A lot of people would like to sleep in a reclined position in their recovery. Moreover, keep in mind that symptoms from particular health conditions might feel worse when sleeping in an adjustable bed, for instance, ankylosing spondylitis.

Another thing, it would be wise to consider sleeping in a reclining chair to decide whether an adjustable bed will be right for you.

Your Budget

Once you know that lying in a reclined position eases your back pain, the next thing you need to determine is your budget. How much are you willing to splurge on an adjustable bed? When you have decided on an amount, there are three things you need to think of that can help keep the price down, without sacrificing comfort:

● Supplemental Features: Some beds are more expensive since they offer extra features that probably won’t help ease your back pain. With that said, you can keep the cost down by avoiding features such as USB-charging ports and built-in speakers.

● Dual Adjustments: Keep in mind that not all adjustable beds enable you to lower or raise either side of the bed simultaneously. You will usually need to pay more for a bed with dual adjustments.

● Separate Mattress: Although the term or phrase adjustable bed corresponds with a base that can incline your mattress to establish different sleeping positions, the mattress is reckoned as separate. By that, we mean, you will need to buy a new mattress if your existing mattress isn’t compatible with your adjustable bed. So, if you can manage to buy an adjustable bed, yet can’t afford to purchase a high-quality and comfortable mattress, then an adjustable bed might not be worth your money.

Moreover, with technological advancement, buying things can be done online, even your bed. So, rather than going to your local store, consider buying an adjustable bed online, take Sophie adjustable bed, for instance.

Although you can’t try it personally, make sure to read the product information displayed on their website. Also, it is wise to read reviews about a particular product online.

Return Policy

When you’ve found an adjustable bed you can afford, ensure that you check and study the return policy. Purchasing an adjustable bed is quite a complicated process because you only have a couple of minutes to try out the bed at the store.

Thus, although an adjustable bed might help relieve your back pain at the store, in the long run, you might find out that lying in a reclined position is not the best option for you. Sure, you can keep the bed in a flat position. However, you might want to return your adjustable base and invest in a different bed.

To put it simply, see to it that you read the return policy rigorously because some companies make it hard to be eligible for a full refund.


Adjustable beds may prove to be a comfortable and beneficial option if you prefer to sit in bed and read books or watch a movie before sleeping. Or if you like to work in your bed. An adjustable bed is like having a sofa in your bedroom.

However, if you are planning on buying an adjustable bed for your health condition, keep in mind that even though some manufacturers claim that their product can ease and soothe back pain, medical professionals say that it is debatable. So, if you are still unsure whether an adjustable bed is right for you, do refer to the tips outlined in this post.

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