AdJuice is a multilevel marketing company focused on providing discounted purchases for their esteemed clients. The company is located in Henderson, Nevada, and happens to be run by Beyond Commerce, Inc. Beyond Commerce was once known as Kaching Kaching. Kaching Kaching is said to be the first retail network of online stores serving esteemed customers online. The company used to have 3 legs until AdJuice made it four. In this review you would get to know more about AdJuice. I have been able to do a good research about the company. And my review is totally unbiased as I am neither a fan of AdJuice, nor an injured would-have-been fan.

As said earlier, AdJuice is the fourth leg of Kaching Kaching. It takes likeness to living social or Groupon. AdJuice leverages on the ability of group buying to help in providing goods and services at cheaper rates to subscribed members. These products and services must be those found in local stores, theatres, restaurants, spas and other business branches. What they mainly do is to try as much as possible to broker a deal with local store owners. In fact members of their network can save from 50% to 90% on purchases using coupons they provide. In a way, AdJuice helps these local business owners in promoting their products within their network. The end result is a program of mutual benefit between AdJuice and local business owners.

AdJuice pay plan will certainly interest you, though. You stand to gain $100 for every new member joining under you. Secondly, your highest down-line is 4, and you will be getting 15% commission for each of them. If you so wish you can embark on profit sharing kind of pool which is totally founded on the production levels. First timers on their program who enrolled for a quarterly bonus type of pool will have $25 invested for them by AdJuice.

AdJuice definitely looks like a good deal. According to Forrester Research Forecast, eCommerce is heading toward becoming a $300 billion dollar industry. Now that is really encouraging. It shows that the future is really bright from this angle. A good amount of effort put into doing the right things can actually pay out hugely. Imagine what sales would be like on festive periods like Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and many others. Unlike other multi level marketing companies with few products on the table, AdJuice comes with a lot more which helps to increase your probability of getting down-liners and huge commissions.

However, bugging family, chasing friends and even cold calling leads are not exactly a duplicating method to grow your business. What you do need is to employ an attraction marketing strategy if you intend getting enough to justify your efforts and time. Since the market looks efficient, a lot of persons are jumping in. This will make the competition fierce. But a known fact is that you will always be at advantage if you insist on attraction marketing. It brings potential down-liners to you, and with the AdJuice campaign, you are set to see more commissions coming to your direction.

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Weilin Chang is one of the top Network Marketing Coaches online. He combines online relationship building, social media, and traditional prospecting techniques to create up front growth, duplication, and success. If you are ready to build your AdJuice business online with massive success, be sure to visit Weilin's Attraction Marketing System