Adenomyosis is a condition in which endometrial tissue exists within and grows into the uterine wall. As a typical gynecological condition, it has brought great ache to females. A lot of women are generally freak out if they speak about it. In truth, pay more attention to these in ordinary life, the development of adenomyosis is helpful; let's find the things we should focus on in common life. What should we focus on relieving the agony of adenomyosis in daily life?


Firstly, we have to relax as much as possible in spirit, not be tired and nervous, stay away from rage and suffering, and also have a lot of sexual intercourse. So as not to injury kidney gas, to ensure the blood can circulate ordinarily, a healthy blood circulation possesses an essential effect on adenomyosis.

Diet plan

During the diet, we must pay attention to stay away from eating exciting things, tobacco, and alcohol, spicy, cold, tonic things as far as possible to avoid, but also pay attention to the rules of diet plan, simply cannot overeat.

Physical activities

Don't always be too tired. Carry out some relaxing physical exercises during menstruation, just like jogging, walking, yoga exercises, and so on. Don't do some intensive exercises. Certain medical safe practices are listed below:

Always keep a confident mindset

A happy ambiance is an essential factor. Anyone can stop smooth sailing, stress and discomfort occur just about everywhere so that we must set our minds to deal with living with confidence. A lot of mental anxiety and lousy mood have very primary influence over the illness.

Regulate diet

We must eat more meals that contain healthy protein and vitamins. When you have heavy monthly period, actually eat much more iron-rich meals to prevent iron deficit anemia. But a majority of blood-activating things must not be drunk when the amount of monthly period is fairly heavy. Like brown sugar water, jujube porridge, etc. are not encouraged to drink to prevent the rise of the monthly period.

Active management of endocrine problems

Endocrine conditions due to many causes must be actively treated to boost the growth rate of adenomyosis lesions. It really is to stay away from the unnecessary application of sex hormone medications if there is a need for a remedy, get treatments in line with doctor's advice.

Avoiding induced abortion

The number of induced abortions will lead to adenomyosis and aggravate the pain. Therefore, couples should take active contraceptive measures to avoid or reduce the number of induced abortions as far as possible.

Go to the hospital regularly

If diagnosed with adenomyosis, one should be checked once in 3-6 months. If the uterine lesion is more extensive and the pain is more intolerable, people will need surgery. In short, adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease. Women should not be panic about this disease, but can not be too careless. For the treatment of the disease, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used with the efficacy of clearing away heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

And do an excellent task of viewing and prevention in peacetime. If the ailment is abnormal, women should take well-timed medical attention, and choose the correct treatment can certainly make women get back to health.

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