Scheana Shay chatted with HollywoodLife and teased season 8 of Vanderpump Rules, right beside the pool. Scheana came through to share a bit more hints, telling the news outlet that the new season features many ‘plot twists’ as well as ‘fresh faces!’ Scheana Shay Addresses The Drama On Vanderpump Rules as there are many disappearing wedding rings between stars and co-stars making up to be the ultimate drama that will just bound and make the season most interesting and entertaining.

Plot Twists & Fresh Faces!

According to reports that have been revealed, it is shown that there will be a lot of plot twists. Where it’s like you will see a lot of things that are unexpected. I mean, it will be entertaining, that is for sure,’ Scheana also dished. Kristen plays a big role in the whole thing and fans of Vanderpump Rules have been trying to figure out what happened between her and Stassi and Katie.

After all, the former friends were nowhere to be found at her bash last month.

Scheana went on to tell the site that ‘I feel like everyone is at the center of it because we are all friends. So it is like depending on the day of the week, it could be any of us. But yeah, no, very, we were both very much involved in everything, as for Jax Taylor unfollowing some fellow stars on social media, Scheana confirmed that she’s on that list as well, saying that ‘He’s un-followed all of us, which is not known by her as well.

Talking broadly about Scheana Shay Addresses The Drama On Vanderpump Rules, it is evident and clear enough that when there's a party and the Vanderpump Rules crew is there, you almost expect there to be some sort of drama. That was definitely the case when Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright gathered up their pals for their romantic and slightly-wild engagement party, which took place during the Season 7 finale.

When the news disclosed around the bash, the love was felt a lot however, Scheana Shay was in the midst of some relationship turmoil with her friend and sometimes-fling, Adam Spott. Things got heated between the two of them as they attempted to hash out their situation, and he eventually confessed he didn't love her and ax coincidentally, years before, caused some drama at Scheana's engagement party with Mike Shay back in Season 2. So, how did he feel about Scheana returning the favor?

Well, he addressed that on Twitter Monday evening, writing, "I loved it to be honest, after watching back Scheana actually made my engagement party better!! I love the new Scheana!!! She’s living her best life, who are we to judge."

Another Plot Twist!

Speaking with PEOPLE Now Marie revealed whether or not Kylie Jenner‘s best friend Jordyn Woods applied to work at SUR the restaurant where the Vanderpump Rules staff works —in the wake of her cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson.

On Feb. 21, Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy twitter, “WAIT! @jordynwoods is at SUR right now handing in her resume,” with a laughing crying emoji. “I’m dead.”

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