When we come across the term Rheumatoid Arthritis we normally imagine joints that are painful, swollen and reddened since the disorder is connected to destruction of joints. But you may be stunned to learn that RA can affect several other parts of the body as it is basically an autoimmune type of disease. The autoimmune ailment depicts its presence in eyes, lungs, heart, skin, blood vessels and other organs as well. In addition, the medications utilized for rheumatoid arthritis also exhibit unwanted effects to make the situation worse. To aggravate it more, tackling with the disease continuously makes the patient psychologically troubled. Hence plenty of RA patients are victims of depression also.

For tackling with the unwanted complexities connected to rheumatoid arthritis, the complexity must be known well in the first place and needs to be handled appropriately. Given below are some of the frequent complexities related to RA.

Skin Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid nodules is a complication of skin associated with rheumatoid arthritis.
They are manifested in around 20% of RA patients. They are protuberances of dead cells and develop beneath the skin over the joints and often in other portions too. Mainly the pressure points are the regions where rheumatoid nodules occur. Hence finger knuckles, heels, backside of forearms and elbows are the regular sites for these nodules. Albeit nodules are generally hurtless, they show aggravation of joints. In addition to pressure points, rheumatoid nodules can appear at areas for example eyes, heart and lungs as well.

One more skin complication of rheumatoid arthritis is the alterations in the skin where inflammation of blood vessels occurs because of rheumatoid arthritis. This skin and the tissue over the affected blood vessels alter in appearance and look like ulcers.

Certain persons develop rashes due to rheumatoid arthritis or the medicines. If you get any change in skin color or rashes, you need to let your doctor know about the condition and have it examined.

Complications of Eye Connected to Rheumatoid Arthritis

There are various complexities of eyes connected to rheumatoid arthritis. An inflammation of the layer that wraps the sclera (white area of eye), called episclera, is the most widely occurring. The inflammation by itself is not critical, nevertheless the eye turns red and hurtful. Contrary to this when the inflammation is caused in sclera, it is a crucial event and can even cause loss of eyesight.

Sjogren’s Syndrome may also occur as a disorder of eyes of rheumatoid arthritis. This is an ailment due to which lacrimal glands meaning glands which create tears are affected. Because of this, eye turns dry and becomes prone to infection. Even conjunctiva and cornea can become damaged.

Heart and Blood Vessels Complications Asscociated with Rheaumatoid Arthritis

Lots of rheumatoid arthritis patients are prone to get fluid collected between heart and pericardium. Nevertheless the ailment may not exhibit symptoms frequently. Pericarditis meaning inflammation of pericardium can be produced at the time of flares. When this persists the membrane hardens and can be a problem in the heart’s actions. Heart too can have rheumatoid nodules which impede its functions. Another complexity known as myocarditis i.e. inflammation of heart muscle develops rarely.

Heart and other muscles can also be disabled because of medications taken for RA. Hence rheumatoid arthritis patients are at a higher risk of heart disease, just like patients of diabetes. RA even produces greater danger of stroke.

Yet another ailment is blood vessels’ inflammation called rheumatoid vasculitis. It is uncommon but very grim. It normally affects minute blood vessels in skin, but may also attack other body parts also like eyes, heart and nerves.

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Now that you know what is rheumatoid arthritis, it is also important to note that rheumatoid arthritis in children also exists.