I have previously offered advice on how to run many different styles of circus skills workshops. In this article, I will offer advice on other aspects of running a Circus Skills Workshop.

Different ages: Whenever possible, running a session with children of similar ages is much easier than a mix. The sessions should be adapted according to the age of the people. For children under 6, it may not be advisable to try to juggle. They can have a lot of turntables and learn the devil's stick! The balls can be used in many throw and catch games.
How many participants - I run circus skills workshops for up to 30 participants at a time. I insist that there are at least one or two additional aides provided by the organization (for example, in a school, the teacher has to stay with the class).
Duration: If you hold a 1-hour workshop, there may not be enough time for students to learn each accessory. If the session is 2 hours long then a decent show could be put on near the end of the session and there is plenty of time for students to learn some tricks, practice with their friends and then act!
Liability Insurance: If you are holding circus skills workshops then you should consider taking out liability insurance. I receive my £ 2 million liability insurance from Ace Europe. Equity Insurance is what many of my juggling friends use.
CRB Verification - Most people who hire you to run a Circus Skills Workshop will expect to be reviewed by CRB or Enhanced CRB. If you are self-employed, then you will have to approach an organization (such as a Church or a School to take you through the process. In exchange for them to do so, you can offer to organize a workshop for free, so everyone is a winner!
Accessories to use: If you have a lot of juggling balls, scarves, rings and sticks in your workshop package, then they can be used for many other purposes as well as juggling. More details in number 5 of my newsletter.
Other props ideas: In addition to the usual workshop kit, there are many other equipments that are great to use during circus skills workshops like Beach Flingo, Speedcups, Spinning Poi, Toothbrush Twirling, Twirling Ribbons, Shaker Cups, Cigar Boxes, umbrellas and balls, etc. https://siqandar.com/bassie-en-adriaan-avonturen-van-een-clown-en-acrobaat/

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I have previously offered advice on how to run many different styles of circus skills workshops.