Undeniably, electrification is the future. But, as we are thinking of transitioning from fossil fuels to all electric, there is a dire need to build a sound infrastructure first.

When it comes to decarbonizing transportation, we need better batteries with increased drive range, reduced charging time, and improved safety, all at a lower cost. This is what exactly Addionics has brought to the market.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Business Magazine.

How It all Started?

It all started seven years ago, when Moshiel Biton, the CEO of Addionics, was working on his Ph.D. in material engineering at Imperial College London. 

A Step-change in Battery Performance

Addionics’ solution is chemistry agnostic, which means that the company can implement it into any kind of battery chemistry. It can have a positive impact by improving battery performance for many applications and industries, increasing this result for EVs as well as energy storage and renewable energy production, consumer electronics, aviation and drones, medical devices, and more.

Addionics’ vision is to implement the solution into any battery in the world, accelerate electrification, and help create a better future for all.

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