In website content writing a good Search Engine Optimization or SEO ranking is directly proportional to the volume of traffic that will hot your site or blog. Though providing 100% original SEO content still remains the main factor, adding backlinks could spread your article or blog all across the world. This will increase the flow of traffic as well as your popularity.

Adding backlinks is a popular form of increasing SEO ranking in the content writing industry. Backlinks are links that are linked to your site and are usually placed in any other website apart from yours. Having lots of backlinks is awesome. One-way backlinks are always the best in the business as these guide the readers to your site without referring to the site they had visited prior to clicking on your Backlink. This generates immediate popularity for you and your website in the world of website content writing.

In content writing, one easy way to create free backlinks is to join online forums. The participants of the forum will click on your links and they will be heading for your website, thus increasing the traffic and the popularity of your site. However, making them click on the link is the most challenging part.

Let’s discuss some ways in which backlinks can perform better in such an online forum.

Select Forums Carefully

In website content writing, the most important point is to choose the forum or the website where you want to put your link. Placing your link will not be of any importance if the people do not click on those. Make sure the topic of the forum is either the same or similar to your website’s content. In case you feel that your content adds more substance to what is there in a forum, you can add that forum to your list. Remember to choose the forums wisely as it will decide the success or failure of your work.

Make Good Use of the Author-Box

Whenever you join a forum, you are asked to create a profile for yourself. Among other details, most of the forums include a signature box at the end of the profile page. In content writing, you need to make use of this author box as much as you can. You can give your name and the name of your organization and all other relevant details. You also have the freedom of placing a link in the author box. But remember, it will be the content that will decide the popularity of your website.

Participate Actively

Be an active member in the forum. Making a habit of relevant article writing and posting is very important if you want others to know about you. Make use of the freedom provided by these forums and include text-anchors in the body of your article. This will further increase the traffic for your website. Choosing a relevant forum means you will have the freedom to use as many keywords required in your article.

These are some basic ways in which you can make good use of backlinks to increase the traffic towards your website. In the world of website content writing, backlinks are a small but deadly tool. Once you know how to use these to your benefit, there will be no stopping you from gaining unmatched popularity.

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