Addictions are like everything in life, just HABITS…..bad habits more often than good ones, but conditioned habitual BEhaviours none the less.

We are, from birth, taught and thus conditioned to CHOOSE from amongst the morals, values, perceptions and BEhaviours that are considered acceptable to the current cultural society we are born into.

For exmaple:
During the Roman Empire it was culturally accepted that going to see two grown men, Gladiators, rip each other to shreds until one lay brutally murdered BEfore a stadium of cheering fans, a special and very entertaining treat, something we have evolved into two grown men or women beat each other until one is lying black, blue and unconscious BEfore a screaming stadium of fans.

We are taught what BEhaviours, even what thoughts and feelings are acceptable to have, and thus are we “Creatures of Habit”.

Recognizing this, we understand that addictions, like ALL Habits are, MALLEABLE

….who KNOWs mayBE boxing will evolve into the art & sport of telekinesis

Addictions CAN BE rendered obsolete, just as ANY HABIT CAN, just as our habit of violence towards ONE another can, with dedicated perseverance and a commitment to LOVE SELF.

This dedicated perseverence and commitment to LOVE SELF will give ONE the motivation to DO what IS NECESSARY to TRUEly CHANGE a Habit, which IS to CHANGE ONE’s MIND.


In order to change a habit, to change our BEhaviour, we need to CHANGE the way we THINK about whatever it IS we are seeking to change.

Here IS a personal example:

I started smoking in highschool, as with most teens, I wanted to fit in, to BE Cool and so BEgan a long, nasty, smelly relationship between my lungs, my clothes, my body and nicotine.

It wasn’t until I CHOSE to start to IDENTIFY mySELF differently in relation to cigarettes that I could even fathom honestly letting them go.

I started by focusing on the WHY, why did I smoke the cigarettes, how did I BEgin, what was my motivation, attempting to really understand WHY I was DOing what I was DOing in the first place.

Most people who have an addiction [which we shall assume for this piece IS NOT a 'good' ONE] did NOT set out to get addicted. They may have BEen experimenting, wanting to escape, fit in, BE cool, etc…..

It’s important to figure out the why, BEcause it takes the addiction one step out of yOUR SELF identity, yOUR SELF Image and if we want to “break a habit” we’ve got to disassociate with it.

I then quickly moved into the how, how did I FEEL about mySELF smoking cigarettes.

Understanding of course, BEing an individual with a Personal Legend of service for the BEnefit of ALL, within the Wisdom and Wellness, the Fitness and Nutrition industries, I was not exactly broadcasting my nasty little habit to the world.

So, I focused my attentions, my MIND upon these facts, upon those aspects of this habit that I didn’t like as opposed to the potentially and quickly fleeting 5 seconds that I may have enJOYed, sometimes, when first lighting a cigarette.

In fact, it was during the moments of fleeting enJOYment that I focused my Mind upon these facts of why and how even more, until, I didn’t need to consciously focus my Mind, it was just there, as I went to light a cigarette, my Mind’s voice of discord grew stronger and stronger until finally I just calmly put the lighter and cigarette down and never picked them up again.

It happened calmly, naturally, and without struggle.

It happened without special medications or interventions outside of mySELF within my own Mind, regarding my own thoughts and feelings as pertaining to this addiction that no longer was associated as “mine”.

As shall it BE for ALL of WE when we transcend from our mind set of competition, violence & separation into collaboration, unity & LOVE.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
@radiate on twitter

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“Visionary Artiste of LOVE,
WHOLE-istic enLIGHTenment GuideLIGHT
Wisdom & Wellness Life Coach
Ontological Literary Artist & Philosopher
of /for/though the BEINGness of
LOVE's Light
for the
BEnefit of ALL.

Roni has been Gifted the Personal Legend of BEing the reflection of radiating LOVE's Light that IS each of WE.
She exists here upon our Earth School to uplift, assist and enLIGHTEn ALL to the Miraculous Magnificence of our BEautiFull BEingness.

“I am here, upon our Earth School, to vibrate harmonies of LOVE's Light, equality, peace, unity, positivity, and the TRUTH of WE. I provide a gentle guiding light along YOUr Pathway to Discover SELF TRUE, LOVE SELF and thus BE, the Best “I” in “ME” YOU LOVE YOUr SELF to BE, in Every NOW, ALLways!

Blessedly BE the TRUTH of WE
Earth Angels Divine
within the Embracing Light of PeaceFull LOVing Serenity, &
one Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party'in Journey